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   12From A Star Is Bought to Yardbirds
   12From Albert Brooks to Doris Day
   12From Bengt Sten to October 10
   12From Do You Wanna (Have Some Fun) to Tom Cruise
   12From Donna Murphy to So Proud of You
   12From George Tipton to Ian McKellen
   12From Harry Nilsson to Patty Faralla
   12From Jim Ferguson to Alf Robertson
   12From Nobody Cares About The Railroads Anymore to Jump Into the Fire
   12From She's Leaving Home to Douglas Trumbull
   12From Ten Little Indians to Johan Verminnen
   12From Terry Adams to Jim Ferguson
   12From The Story Of Rock And Roll to All My Life
   12From The Story Of Rock And Roll to Yardbirds
   12From Together to Gil Garfield
   12From Two Sides of the Moon to Foolish Clock
   12From Vivian Roberts to Smothers Brothers