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She's Leaving Home to Douglas Trumbull in 12 Steps

  1. She's Leaving Home was produced by Rick Jarrard
  2. Rick Jarrard produced Good Old Desk
  3. Good Old Desk is heard in Playboy After Dark
  4. Playboy After Dark aired an episode where Hugh Hefner interviews Harry Nilsson
  5. Harry Nilsson wrote Do You Wanna (Have Some Fun)
  6. Do You Wanna (Have Some Fun) was written by John Marascalco
  7. John Marascalco wrote Take This Heart
  8. Take This Heart was written by Scott Turner
  9. Scott Turner wrote All For Your Love
  10. All For Your Love was written by Diane Lampert
  11. Diane Lampert wrote the title song for Silent Running
  12. Silent Running was directed by Douglas Trumbull