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Runaways to Cowboy in 12 Steps

  1. Runaways was sung by Ringo Starr
  2. Ringo Starr played percussion for Flash Harry
  3. Flash Harry includes guitar played by Lowell George
  4. Lowell George played guitar for Son of Schmilsson
  5. Son of Schmilsson includes saxophone played by Bobby Keys
  6. Bobby Keys played sax for All My Life
  7. All My Life was published by Blackwood Music
  8. Blackwood Music published Mucho Mungo-Mt. Elga
  9. Mucho Mungo-Mt. Elga was written by Harry Nilsson
  10. Harry Nilsson sang So Long Dad
  11. So Long Dad was written by Randy Newman
  12. Randy Newman played piano for Cowboy