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Daylight Has Caught Me to Brass Bed With Allison Bohl in 12 Steps

  1. Daylight Has Caught Me was published by Golden Syrup Music
  2. Golden Syrup Music published Kojak Columbo
  3. Kojak Columbo was produced by Harry Nilsson
  4. Harry Nilsson wrote 1941
  5. 1941 was covered by The Kojacks
  6. The Kojacks recorded Life Line
  7. Life Line was recorded by Diana Ross
  8. Diana Ross recorded Remember (Christmas)
  9. Remember (Christmas) is heard in Son of Dracula
  10. Son of Dracula includes piano played by Nicky Hopkins
  11. Nicky Hopkins played piano for Joe Cocker's recording of Don't Forget Me
  12. Don't Forget Me was recorded by Brass Bed With Allison Bohl