Covers of Harry Nilsson Songs

Title Artist Released
"1 Fuck You" Melvins 2021
"1941" Tom Northcott 1969
"1941" George Burns 1968
"1941" Cynthia Henderson 2000
"1941" The Kojacks 1992
"1941" John Randolph Marr 1970
"1941" Alan Price -
"1941" Billy J. Kramer 1968
"1941" Patty Pravo -
"1941" Jenny O 2014
"1941" Pandemonium 1977
"All I Think About is You" Joe Hurley 2001
"Are You Sleeping?" Nathaniel Rateliff and The Wheel 2009
"Are You Sleeping?" Cynthia Henderson 2000
"Are You Sleeping?" Cynthia Henderson 2000
"Are You Sleeping?" E. J. Gold 1994
"Are You Sleeping?" The Kojacks 1992
"Baby It's Over" Debbie Burton 1966
"Bath" John Sheridan -
"Battle Of The Bands" Turtles 1968
"Best Friend" Brandon Cruz 1993
"Best Friend" Puppet 1970
"Best Friend" Tony Zajkowski 2001
"Best Friend" Penfifteen Club 2006
"Blanket for a Sail" Sara Watkins 2021
"Cheillia Pou Dipsoun Gia Agapi" Vicky Leandros 1969
"City Life" Jason Falkner -
"Coconut" Ty Segall 2020
"Coconut" The Muppets 1993
"Coconut" Samuel E. Wright 1998
"Coconut" Fred Schneider 1993
"Coconut" Cynthia Henderson 2000
"Coconut" The Kojacks 1992
"Coconut" Liesbeth List -
"Coconut" Kid Power 2002
"Coconut" Markus 2000
"Coconut" Ac-Rock 2000
"Coconut" Sugar Beats 1998
"Coconut" Dannii Minogue 1998
"Coconut" Dale Turner 2004
"Coconut" Sprung Monkey 2002
"Coconut Juice" Tyga 2008
"Crois Tu Vraiment" Jocelyne 1968
"Cuddly Toy" Monkees 1967
"Cuddly Toy" Julian Maile 2001
"Cuddly Toy" Hal 2005
"Daddy's Song" Corin Ashley 2006
"Daddy's Song" Monkees 1968
"Daddy's Song" The Casuals 1969
"Daybreak" Micky Dolenz -
"Daybreak" Mychael LaMorte 2001
"Don't Forget Me" Willem Van Hanegem 1986
"Don't Forget Me" Marshall Crenshaw -
"Don't Forget Me" Joe Cocker 1974
"Don't Forget Me" Marianne Faithfull 1996
"Don't Forget Me" Brass Bed With Allison Bohl 2012
"Don't Forget Me" Neko Case 2009
"Don't Forget Me" Macy Gray 2009
"Don't Forget Me" Jonathan Fire Eater 1997
"Don't Forget Me" David Driver 2001
"Don't Leave Me" John Cowan -
"Don't Leave Me" Bola Sete 1971
"Don't Leave Me" Perry Como 1970
"Don't Leave Me" Astrud Gilberto 1969
"Don't Leave Me" Brass Ring 1969
"Down" Jim Russell -
"Down to the Valley" Matthew Caws, Catherine Russell, Dawn Landes, and Nathaniel Rateliff 2009
"Driving Along" Jay Goncalo -
"Drumming is My Madness" Clem/Eddy 2001
"Easier For Me" Ringo Starr 1974
"Everything's Got 'Em" DeVotchKa 2009
"Everything's Got 'Em" Diana Ross 1977
"Fantasia's Confidential Ghetto" PM Dawn 1997
"Garbage Can Ballet" Bill DeMain 2021
"Garbage Can Ballet" The Electric Junkyard 1968
"Gemeinsam" Liesbeth List 1970
"Goeie Ouwe Plee" Willem Nijholt 1975
"Good Old Desk" Ron Sexsmith 1994
"Good Old Desk" Mark Rozzo 2001
"Gotta Get Up" Davy Jones and Micky Dolenz 1977
"Gotta Get Up" Cynthia Henderson 2000
"Gotta Get Up" The Kojacks 1992
"Gotta Get Up" E. J. Gold & The Galaxians -
"Gotta Get Up" Michelle Smith 1999
"Gotta Get Up" Joe McGinty 2001
"Hamburg Im Regen" Mary Roos 1974
"He Needs Me" The A's 2022
"He Needs Me" ylayali 2017
"He Needs Me" Lianne Smith 2001
"He's Large" Brass Bed With Allison Bohl 2012
"Headlines" The Sunday Funnies 1966
"Here I Sit" Ronettes -
"Here I Sit" Tricia Scotti 2001
"Hey Little Girl" Jimmie Cross 1964
"I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City" Sting 2021
"I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City" Richard Bowden Orchestra 1974
"I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City" Richard Barone 1993
"I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City" Sinead O'Connor 1998
"I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City" David Canary 1971
"I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City" The Kojacks 1992
"I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City" Liza Minnelli 1981
"I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City" Mystic Moods Orchestra 1971
"I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City" Ron Sexsmith 1998
"I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City" Wayne Newton -
"I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City" Sagittarius 1969
"I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City" The New Yorkers 1969
"I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City" Jerry Styner and Larry Brown 1974
"I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City" Julia Greenburg 2001
"I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City" Eternal Triangle 1969
"I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City/Shiver Me Timbers" John DePalma 2002
"I Live in a World" Magic Hero Vs. Rock People 2012
"I Said Goodbye To Me" The Glass Menagerie 1968
"I Will Take You There" Paul Klein 1968
"I'd Rather Be Dead" Cynthia Henderson 2000
"I’d Do It All Again" Dore Alpert 1964
"It's Been So Long" Gary & The New Travellers 1970
"It's Been So Long" Kenny Everett 1968
"Joy" Joe Ely 1994
"Joy" Buck Earl 1972
"Joy" Cynthia Henderson 2000
"Jump Into the Fire" Chris Cornell 2020
"Jump Into the Fire" LCD Soundsystem 2011
"Jump Into the Fire" Robin Zander -
"Jump Into the Fire" Tripping Daisy 1996
"Jump Into the Fire" LaVern Baker 1993
"Jump Into The Fire" New York Roots Music Association 2018
"Jump Into the Fire" Alice Cohen 2001
"Jump Into the Fire" Elena Powell 1999
"Jump Into the Fire" Russ Tolman 1988
"La Cancion Del Cachorro" Los Mismos 1973
"Lay Down Your Arms" Ringo Starr and Stevie Nicks 1983
"Les Vérités de la Police" Les Jelly Roll 1968
"Life Line" Jimmy Webb -
"Life Line" Cynthia Henderson 2000
"Life Line" Diana Ross 1977
"Life Line" The Kojacks 1992
"Lifeline" Dawn Landes 2009
"Little Cowboy" The Buffoons 1969
"Little Cowboy" Debi Derryberry 2006
"Lyckan Ar En Valp" Lena Ericsson 1969
"Ma Luulen Niin, On Aika Menna Kotiin" Eero Raittinen 1970
"Maybe" Barbra Streisand 1970
"Maybe" Labi Siffre 1997
"Maybe" The Kojacks 1992
"Maybe" Karen Akers 1990
"Maybe" Richard Barnes 1970
"Me And My Arrow" Lovedrug 2011
"Me And My Arrow" Adrian Belew 1993
"Me and My Arrow" Two Sheds 2012
"Me and My Arrow" Nada Surf 2009
"Me And My Arrow" Diana Ross 1977
"Me And My Arrow" The Kojacks 1992
"Me and My Arrow" Cynthia Henderson 2000
"Me And My Arrow" Micky Dolenz 1994
"Me And My Arrow" Hugo Montenegro 1972
"Me And My Arrow" Jim Ferguson 2001
"Me And My Arrow" Sardina 1995
"Mon Coeur Sous Les Drapeaux" Vicky Leandros 1969
"Mournin' Glory Story" Jennifer Trynin 1994
"Mournin' Glory Story" The Kojacks 1992
"Mournin' Glory Story" Cynthia Henderson 2000
"Mournin' Glory Story" E. J. Gold -
"Mournin' Glory Story" Jiffipop 1996
"Mournin' Glory Story" Bobby Graham 2000
"Mourning Glory" Mandy Patinkin 2018
"Mr. Richland's Favorite Song" The Kojacks 1992
"Ne Needs Me" Brass Bed With Allison Bohl 2012
"No Me Dejes" La Familia Del Arbol 2011
"Nobody Cares About the Railroads Anymore" Ken Delo 1981
"Nobody Cares About the Railroads Anymore" Cynthia Henderson 2000
"Nobody Cares About The Railroads Anymore" The Kojacks 1992
"Noch Einmal" Vicky Leandros 1969
"One" Anbb 2010
"One" Brass Bed With Allison Bohl 2012
"One" Aimee Mann 1999
"One" Three Dog Night -
"One" Cynthia Henderson 2000
"One" Filter 1998
"One" The Kojacks 1992
"One" Al Kooper 1969
"One" Nathan Lane 2002
"One" Music Convention 1968
"One" Clueless 1999
"One" Owen McCarthy 2001
"One" Jim Boggia 2002
"One" Chainsaw Kittens 1992
"One" Ilona Knopfler 2003
"One" John Farnham 1980
"One/Without Him" Sandie Shaw 1972
"Onetogether" Karen Wyman 1971
"Open Your Window" Ella Fitzgerald 1969
"Open Your Window" Louis Bellson 1975
"Open Your Window" 5th Dimension 1973
"P.O.V. Waltz" Martha Wainwright and Jim Campilongo 2009
"Paradise" Bette Midler 1995
"Paradise" Ronettes -
"Paradise" Shangri Las 1966
"Paradise" Shonen Knife 1993
"Perfect Day" Dresage and Slow Shiver 2022
"Poli High" Sex Mob and Catherine Russell 2009
"Poly High" Harpers Bizarre 1970
"Puppy Song" Martine Bijl 1972
"Put the Lime in the Coconut" Baha Men 2002
"Rainmaker" Michael Nesmith 1971
"Rainmaker" Dillards 1969
"Rainmaker" Cryan' Shames 1968
"Rainmaker" The Burgundy Street Singers -
"Rainmaker" The Kojacks 1992
"Rainmaker" Rodney Brown 1989
"Rainmaker" Kris Woolsey 2001
"Rainmaker" Bobbie Gentry 1970
"Rainmaker" 5th Dimension 1971
"Rainmaker" The Johnsons -
"Remember" Cynthia Henderson 2000
"Remember" Johnny Mathis 1973
"Remember" Vicki Stuart 2000
"Remember (Christmas)" Randy Newman 1994
"Remember (Christmas)" The Kojacks 1992
"Remember (Christmas)" Andy Williams & Noelle 1973
"Remember (Christmas)" Michael Chertock 2000
"Remember (Christmas)" Robin Goldwasser 2001
"Remember (Christmas)" K.T. Sullivan 1993
"Remember (Christmas)" Raul Malo 2005
"Remember (Christmas)" Diana Ross 2006
"Remember (Christmas)" Micky Dolenz 2012
"Remember (Reprise)" Steven Davis 1997
"Remember/I Have Dreamed" Steven Davis 1997
"Rose Di Neve" Alice & Ellen Kessler 1970
"Salmon Falls" Al Kooper 1994
"Sin Ella" Jose Jose 1998
"Sleep Late My Lady Friend" Jose Feliciano -
"Sleep Late My Lady Friend" Harry Belafonte 1968
"Sleep Late My Lady Friend" Joshua Tyler 2001
"So Proud of You" Vivian Roberts 1965
"Spaceman" Roches 1995
"Spaceman" Cynthia Henderson 2000
"Spaceman" James Mastro 2001
"Super-Duper Man" Jimmie Cross 1964
"Take 54" Cynthia Henderson 2000
"Tante Ko En Ome Koen" Don Quishocking 1974
"Ten Little Indians" Yardbirds 1967
"Ten Little Indians" Nick Danger 2001
"Thanks for Buyin' Our Album" The Legendary Masked Surfers 1996
"Thanks for Buying Our Album" Jan and Dean 1977
"The Garbage Can" Paul Klein 1968
"The Lord Must Be in New York City" Cynthia Henderson 2000
"The Lottery Song" Bill Lloyd 1994
"The Moonbeam Song" Steve Forbert 1995
"The Moonbeam Song" Cynthia Henderson 2000
"The Moonbeam Song" Mark Mulcahy 2001
"The Moonbeam Song" The Kojacks 1992
"The Moonbeam Song" Micky Dolenz 1991
"The Next Day" Debbie Burton 1966
"The Puppy Song" Uncle Kracker 2003
"The Puppy Song" Astrud Gilberto 1970
"The Puppy Song" David Cassidy 1973
"The Puppy Song" Mary Hopkin 1969
"The Puppy Song" Victoria Williams 1994
"The Puppy Song" Mary Lee Kortes 2001
"The Puppy Song" New World -
"The Puppy Song" Emily Skinner 2004
"The Rainmaker" Tom Northcott 1969
"The Story of Rock & Roll (Second Version) (Tracking Session Take 5A)" The Monkees 2000
"The Story Of Rock And Roll" Turtles 1968
"The Story Of Rock And Roll" David Cassidy 1976
"The Story Of Rock And Roll" Collage 1968
"The Wailing Of The Willow" Astrud Gilberto 1969
"The Wailing of the Willow" Anita Harris Quartet 2005
"The Wailing Of The Willow" Judith Durham 1979
"The Wailing Of The Willow" Jimmy Deuchar Quintet 1979
"The Wailing Of The Willow" Percy Faith 1971
"The Wailing Of The Willow" Fred Astaire 1975
"The Wailing Of The Willow" Liza Minnelli 1969
"The Wailing Of The Willow" Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass 2005
"The Wailing Of The Willow" Rita Calypso 2004
"The Wedding Song" Demis Roussos 1980
"Think About Your Troubles" Danielle Ate the Sandwich 2012
"Think About Your Troubles" Andrew Bird 2009
"Think About Your Troubles" Mutual Admiration Society 2004
"Think About Your Troubles" Belly 1995
"Think About Your Troubles" Jellyfish 1994
"Think About Your Troubles" Holly Near 2001
"Think About Your Troubles" The Kojacks 1992
"Think About Your Troubles" Sam Brown 1990
"Think About Your Troubles" Mathilde Santing 1989
"Think About Your Troubles" Peggy Lee -
"Think About Your Troubles" Manhattan Inn 2007
"This Could Be the Night" Brian Wilson 1994
"This Could Be the Night" Modern Folk Quartet 1963
"This Could Be the Night" David Cassidy 1975
"This Could Be the Night" Flamin' Groovies 1993
"This Could Be the Night" Henry Diltz 1987
"This Could Be the Night" Tatsuro Yamashita 1978
"This Could Be the Night" Jeffrey Foskett 1997
"This Could Be the Night" Ed Rogers 2001
"This Could Be the Night" Jeffrey Foskett 1997
"Together" Keith Moon 1975
"Together" Davy Jones 1969
"Together" Sandie Shaw -
"Together" Clodagh Rodgers 1969
"Turn On The Radio" Dunn & Rubini 1976
"Turn On Your Radio" Marc Cohn 1993
"Un Nouveau Jour Sur La Terre" Eddy Mitchell 1969
"Vi Tva" Kerstin & Goran 1970
"Without Her" Kenny Everett 1968
"Without Her" Al Kooper 1975
"Without Her" Beckley/Lamm/Wilson 1993
"Without Her" Blood, Sweat & Tears 1968
"Without Her" Glen Campbell 1967
"Without Her" Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass 1969
"Without Her" Jack Jones 1968
"Without Her" Beautiful South 1996
"Without Her" Telly Savalas 1974
"Without Her" Neil MacArthur 1969
"Without Her" Vicky Leandros 1969
"Without Her" Brothers Four -
"Without Her" George Benson 1969
"Without Her" Triste Janero 1968
"Without Her" Joe & Bing 1971
"Without Her" Rick Nelson 1968
"Without Him" Lulu 1968
"Without Him" Cilla Black 1969
"Without Him" Julie London 1969
"Without You" Lana Cantrell 1968
"Won" Beta Band 2001
"You're Breaking My Heart" Cynthia Henderson 2000
"You're Breaking My Heart" Peter Wolf and The Houseparty 5 1995