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The Family to Eva Birthistle in 12 Steps

  1. The Family was published by Six Continents Music
  2. Six Continents Music published Poli High
  3. Poli High was arranged by George Tipton
  4. George Tipton arranged Sister Marie
  5. Sister Marie was produced by Rick Jarrard
  6. Rick Jarrard produced She Sang Hymns Out of Tune
  7. She Sang Hymns Out of Tune was sung by Harry Nilsson
  8. Harry Nilsson wrote I'd Rather Be Dead
  9. I'd Rather Be Dead was produced by Richard Perry
  10. Richard Perry produced You're Breaking My Heart
  11. You're Breaking My Heart is heard in Breakfast on Pluto
  12. Breakfast on Pluto features an appearance by Eva Birthistle