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Les Thatcher to EMI Hastings Catalog Inc. in 12 Steps

  1. Les Thatcher played guitar for Son of Schmilsson
  2. Son of Schmilsson includes percussion played by Milt Holland
  3. Milt Holland played percussion for Duit on Mon Dei
  4. Duit on Mon Dei includes timpani played by Gene Estes
  5. Gene Estes played percussion for ...That's the Way It Is
  6. ...That's the Way It Is includes trombone played by Lew McCreary
  7. Lew McCreary played trombone for Zor and Zam
  8. Zor and Zam was written by Bill Chadwick
  9. Bill Chadwick played guitar for Auntie's Municipal Court
  10. Auntie's Municipal Court features keyboard played by Harry Nilsson
  11. Harry Nilsson wrote Courtship of Eddie's Father - Background Cues
  12. Courtship of Eddie's Father - Background Cues was published by EMI Hastings Catalog Inc.