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Good Old Desk to McCabe & Mrs. Miller in 12 Steps

  1. Good Old Desk was published by Six Continents Music
  2. Six Continents Music published The Family
  3. The Family was published by Unichappell Music
  4. Unichappell Music published Anybody Home
  5. Anybody Home was written by Harry Nilsson
  6. Harry Nilsson sang Everybody's Talkin'
  7. Everybody's Talkin' is available on the album Nipper's Greatest Hits-The 60's Volume 2
  8. Nipper's Greatest Hits-The 60's Volume 2 includes Lorne Green's recording of Ringo
  9. Ringo was recorded by Ringo Starr
  10. Ringo Starr was born on July 7
  11. July 7 is the birthday of Shelley Duvall
  12. Shelley Duvall starred in McCabe & Mrs. Miller