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Lynda Laurence to Brass Bed With Allison Bohl in 12 Steps

  1. Lynda Laurence sang Just One Look
  2. Just One Look was produced by Trevor Lawrence
  3. Trevor Lawrence played sax for Good For God
  4. Good For God features guitar played by Jesse Ed Davis
  5. Jesse Ed Davis played guitar for Lady Gaye
  6. Lady Gaye features drums played by Ringo Starr
  7. Ringo Starr recorded Goodnight Vienna
  8. Goodnight Vienna was produced by Richard Perry
  9. Richard Perry produced Son of Dracula
  10. Son of Dracula includes trombone played by Jim Price
  11. Jim Price arranged Joe Cocker's recording of Don't Forget Me
  12. Don't Forget Me was recorded by Brass Bed With Allison Bohl