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Joseph Segarini to Bruce Robb in 12 Steps

  1. Joseph Segarini wrote Miss Butter's Lament
  2. Miss Butter's Lament was arranged by George Tipton
  3. George Tipton arranged Escape Possible
  4. Escape Possible was published by Unichappell Music
  5. Unichappell Music published Nobody Cares About The Railroads Anymore
  6. Nobody Cares About The Railroads Anymore was written by Harry Nilsson
  7. Harry Nilsson sang Will She Miss Me
  8. Will She Miss Me was arranged by Perry Botkin
  9. Perry Botkin played bongos for Bongo Rock '73
  10. Bongo Rock '73 features bass played by Wilton Felder
  11. Wilton Felder played saxophone for Flash Harry
  12. Flash Harry was produced by Bruce Robb