Harry Nilsson Chronology

1868 March 8 Carl Emanuel Nilsson is born in Gothenburg, Sweden.
1894 September 11 Charles Harry Nilsson is born.
1896 April 14 Carl Emanuel Nilsson receives a parent for his "Aerial Ballet" device.
1917 January 20 Harry Edward Nilsson, Jr. is born in Brooklyn, New York.
1926 February 16 John Schlesinger is born.
1927 September 12 Freddie Jones is born in Staffordshire, England.
1929 April 5 Si Litvinoff is born.
1931 March 27 John Marascalco is born in Grenada, Mississippi.
July 15 Carl Emanuel Nilsson dies.
August 23 Scotty Turner is born.
1932 January 23 George Tipton is born.
March 4 Ian Freebairn-Smith is born.
1936 July 18 Tony Richland is born in New York.
1937 September 7 Margo Guryan is born.
John Phillip Law is born in Los Angeles, California.
1938 November 17 Jimmy Cross is born in Dothan, Alabama.
1939 August 14 Rick Jarrard is born in Waycross, Georgia
1940 August 9 Larry Knechtel is born in Bell, California.
September 16 Bette Martin marries Harry Edward Nilsson, Jr..
October 9 John Lennon is born.
1941 April 1 Buck Earl is born.
June 15 Harry Nilsson is born in Brooklyn, New York
1942 August 26 Keith Allison is born in Coleman, Texas.
September 12 Jane Getz is born in Chicago, Illinois.
1943 March 25 Sandi McTaggart is born in Buffalo, New York.
December 18 Bobby Keys is born in Texas.
1944 August 10 Pat Murphy is born in Los Angeles, California.
September 21 Jesse Ed Davis is born in Norman, Oklahoma.
1945 July 14 Jim Gordon is born in Los Angeles.
October 8 Bill Martin is born.
1946 August 28 Barbara Goldbach is born in Queens, New York.
September 9 Paul Stallworth is born in Manila, Philippines.
1947 March 20 Roger Pope is born.
June 20 Diane Nilsson is born in Los Angeles, California
24 John Uribe is born.
1948 May 31 John Bonham is born.
September 17 Roger Watkins is born in Binghampton, New York.
1954 September 15 Una O'Keeffe is born.
1964 October 10 Harry Nilsson marries Sandi McTaggart
1967 January 19 Harry Nilsson signs his first contract with RCA
March 17 Harry Nilsson records several demos for The Monkees.
April 6 Harry Nilsson divorces Sandi McTaggart
September 20 Harry Nilsson records "Miss Butter's Lament."
December 1 Harry Nilsson records "Don't Leave Me."
1968 May 18 Collage performs "The Story of Rock And Roll" on American Bandstand.
December 19 Skidoo premieres in Miami, Florida.
1969 January 6 Harry Nilsson appears in the The Dick Cavett Show.
February 3 Nilsson House Productions, Inc. is incorporated in California.
March 29 Harry Nilsson appears in an episode of "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir"
May 25 Midnight Cowboy is released.
July 10 Nilsson House Music, Inc. is incorporated in California.
September 17 "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" premieres on ABC.
27 A clip from Midnight Cowboy with Harry Nilsson singing "Everybody's Talkin'" is shown during Music Scene on ABC.
November 23 Ella Fitzgerald performs "Open Your Window" on The Ed Sullivan Show.
December 5 Harry Nilsson appears on the cover of Entertainment World magazine.
31 Harry Nilsson marries Diane Clatworthy
1970 March 11 Harry Nilsson receives the Grammy award for "Best Contemporary-Pop Vocal Performance, Male" of 1969
July 8 Harry Nilsson appears on the "Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour" TV show.
1971 January 17 Zak Nilsson is born.
November 1 Nilsson Schmilsson is released.
1972 January 1 The BBC's In Concert series airs an episode featuring Harry Nilsson - "The Music of Nilsson."
February 2 The Point! debuts as the ABC "Movie of the Week."
19 Harry Nilsson's recording of "Without You" hits Number One on the Billboard Hot 100.
March 3 Harry Nilsson receives a gold record for Nilsson Schmilsson.
1973 February 12 Harry Nilsson appears on the cover of Time Magazine.
March 3 Ringo Starr and Harry Nilsson are presenters at the 15th Annual Grammy Awards and Nilsson takes home an award.
June 10 BBC Two airs the "A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night" TV Special
November 2 Ringo Starr releases his Ringo album.
21 Harry Nilsson is photographed with John Lennon, Anne Murray, Alice Cooper, and Mickey Dolenz at the Troubadour
1974 January 31 Harry Nilsson attends a party after Bob Dylan's Madison Square Garden concert.
February 21 Harry Nilsson was one of many guests at David Geffen's "surprise" 31st birthday party.
March 12 Harry Nilsson and John Lennon are escorted out of the Troubadour club after heckling the Smothers Brothers.
13 Harry Nilsson attends the AFI's tribute dinner for actor James Cagney.
25 "The Jim Keltner Fan Club Hour" records "Too Many Cooks."
April 19 The Son of Dracula premiere is held in Atlanta, Georgia.
26 Harry Nilsson renews his contract with RCA
28 Harry Nilsson joins John Lennon on stage in New York at a benefit for the March of Dimes.
July 29 Mama Cass dies in Harry's London apartment.
October 30 Harry Nilsson attends a party hosted by Ringo Starr after the Los Angeles premiere of That'll Be The Day.
November 27 Son of Dracula plays for the first time in Los Angeles
1975 June 28 Harry Nilsson is a guest on Kenny Everett's Breakfast Show
November 5 Harry Edward Nilsson, Jr. dies in Palatka, Florida.
21 Harry Nilsson and Ringo Starr attend a live performance by David Essex for the TV show Midnight Special.
1976 January 4 Mal Evans is shot to death by the LAPD police.
June 23 Harry Nilsson and Diane Nilsson divorce.
August 12 Harry Nilsson and Una O'Keeffe marry in Los Angeles.
1977 September 11 David Bowie and Bing Crosby record "Little Drummer Boy/Peace on Earth"
December 28 The Point! opens at the Mermaid Theatre, Puddle Dock, Blackfriars, London. Harry Nilsson attended the show on the opening night.
1978 April 10 Colin Richardson interviews Harry Nilsson.
May 18 Sandi McTaggart dies in New York City.
September 7 Keith Moon dies in the London apartment owned by Harry Nilsson
October 8 Jimmy Cross dies in Hollywood, California.
1979 August 28 Harry Nilsson wins a temporary court order preventing his neighbor from installing a chain link fence.
November 19 Harry Nilsson attended a party at celebrating the publication of Alexander Walker's book The Shattered Silents.
21 Harry's mother dies.
28 Ringo Starr escapes injury as the home he rented from Harry Nilsson catches on fire.
1980 September 17 Zapata opens at the Goodspeed Opera House.
24 John Bonham dies.
December 8 John Lennon is shot and killed by a crazed fan.
1981 April 27 Barbara Bach marries Ringo Starr.
October 28 Harry Nilsson is one of the artists signing an ad supporting the British Phonographic Industry's call for a tax on blank tapes.
1982 February 13 Harry Nilsson attends the Shutter Foundation's anti-handgun rally outside the Hawaii State Capitol.
March 27 Harry Nilsson hosts a gala at his home to raise funds for Wallace Albertson's campaign for the California State Assembly.
June 6 Harry Nilsson attends the Peace Sunday rally at the Rose Bowl.
July 4 Harry Nilsson crashes the Beach Boys July 4 concert.
1983 April 7 Cimarron Broadcasting Corporation of California is incorporated.
July 21 Cimarron Broadcasting Corporation is incorporated.
August 7 Harry Nilsson begins a search for the Missing Magic Flute.
1984 January 22 Olivia Nilsson is born in Agoura Hills, California.
May 25 Harry Nilsson joins Michael Beard. Mary Travers, Terry Southern, and former congressman Robert F. Drinan at a Capitol Hill news conference.
October 9 Harry Nilsson is one of the guests at a birthday party for Sean Lennon and his father John Lennon that aired live on WNEW-FM in New York, New York
1985 June 15 Kiefo Nilsson is born in Nyack, New York
July 3 Harry Nilsson buys the rights to Obituaries.
October 23 Hawkeye Entertainment, Inc, is founded on October 23, 1985.
Hawkeye Entertainment acquires the rights to Obituaries.
1987 January 13 The Telephone begins filming at San Francisco Studios.
March 26 Hawkeye Entertainment announces that its IPO raised $3.5 million.
September 2 Whoopi Goldberg files a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against New World Pictures and director, Rip Torn, seeking an injunction to stop the release of The Telephone.
1988 January 22 The Telephone premieres in theaters.
February 24 Harry Nilsson testifies before the Subcommittee on Crime of the Committee on the Judiciary of the United States House of Representatives in favor of a bill to implement waiting periods and background checks for handgun purchases.
August 27 "First Impressions" debuts on CBS.
October 2 "Mutts" airs on ABC.
1989 August 19 Harry Nilsson arrives in Australia to record his part in Paris.
September 2 "Camp Candy" premiers on NBC.
1990 January 23 Harry Nilsson hosts a memorial tribute to Graham Chapman at the St. James Club.
1992 September 4 Harry Nilsson joins Ringo's All-Starr Band onstage at Caesars Palace and sings "Without You."
1993 October 27 "A Field of Grass" is performed publicly for the first time
1994 January 15 Harry Nilsson dies at his home in Agoura Hills near Los Angeles, California
17 The Northridge Earthquake rocks Southern California the morning of Harry Nilsson's funeral.
April 29 "One Last Touch of Nilsson" is published in Goldmine magazine.
1995 February 28 Personal Best - The Harry Nilsson Anthology is released.
March 20 Zak Nilsson defends Star Trek: Voyager in a letter published in Time Magazine.
May 9 The tribute album For the Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson is released.
1996 October 30 The Wrecker's Ball: Three Dances by Paul Taylor airs on PBS.
1997 September 8 Derek Taylor dies after a long illness.
15 "The Thing About Harry" debuts on BBC Radio 2.
1998 February 15 A play, "Nilsson!," based on the life and music of Harry Nilsson opens at the Muziektheater in Amsterdam, Holland.
March 4 "LA Obscura: The Architectural Photography of Julius Shulman" opens at the Fisher Gallery.
June 13 A Celebration of the Music of Harry Nilsson - Artists pay tribute to Harry Nilsson at the Roxy in Los Angeles.
July 4 Harry Nilsson's recording of "Without You" plays during the Boston Fireworks show.
December 18 You've Got Mail is released to theaters in the US.
2001 May 4 Harryfest 2001 started on May 4, 2001.
November 29 George Harrison dies in Los Angeles, California.
2002 March 25 Joseph Schermie of Three Dog Night dies on March 25, 2002.
December 31 The Boston Rock Opera performs Harry Nilsson's classic album The Point! in concert
2003 July 25 John Schlesinger dies.
2004 May 3 "From Brooklyn to Hollywood" concert is performed in New York.
2006 February 4 Who is Harry Nilsson (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him?) premieres at the Santa Barbara Film Festival
October 24 The tribute album Pussy Cats Starring the Walkmen is released.
2007 March 6 Roger Watkins dies at his home in Apalachin, New York.
2008 May 13 John Phillip Law dies in Los Angeles, California.
2009 August 20 Larry Knechtel dies of a heart attack.
September 2 Scotty Turner dies.
October 24 Diane Nilsson dies.
2010 August 13 WHO IS HARRY NILSSON (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him?) makes a "sneak appearance" the 92YTribeca in New York.
14 WHO IS HARRY NILSSON (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him?) is shown at Beatlefest in Chicago at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare.
September 10 WHO IS HARRY NILSSON (And Why Is Everybody Talkin' About Him?) begins a week-long theatrical run at the Cinema Village in New York.
2011 December 3 John Uribe dies.
2012 November 20 The Point: The Definitive Collector's Edition is released on DVD.
2013 July 18 Nilsson: The Life of a Singer-Songwriter is published.
September 18 Roger Pope dies.
2014 December 2 Bobby Keys dies in Franklin, Tennessee.
21 Patty Faralla dies at home in Santa Fe.
2015 May 16 "A Tribute to Harry Nilsson" concert is staged at The Satellite in Los Angeles, California.
23 "Everybody's Talkin': The Music of Harry Nilsson" opens at the San Diego Repertory Theatre,
August 10 Musicians, family, friends, and fans gather to record "Let's Put Harry in the Hall.
2016 January 27 Bill Martin dies.
February 12 George Tipton dies.
May 3 Rick L. Christian dies.
2018 October 27 The "Harryquins" Perform at the North Shore Yacht Club, Cincinnati, Ohio
2019 July 9 Freddie Jones dies at the age of 91.
2020 January 10 Robin Geoffrey Cable dies.
February 16 Zak Nilsson marries Dawn Strianese in Las Vegas, Nevada.
July 5 John Marascalco dies in Los Angeles, California.
2021 January 1 Zak Nilsson is interviewed for the Coffee Talk with ADIKA Live podcast
18 Perry Botkin dies.
March 4 Zak Nilsson dies after a courageous battle against cancer.
June 15 Harry Nilsson Birthday Bash 2021 celebrates Harry Nilsson's 80th birthday.
October 13 Rick Jarrard dies in Pine Mountain Club, California.
14 Harry & Me is published.
November 8 Margo Guryan dies.
17 Keith Allison dies at his home in Sherman Oaks, California.
December 10 Michael Nesmith dies.
22 Paul Stallworth dies.
28 Pat Murphy dies at his home on Vancouver Island.
2022 March 26 LCD Soundsystem's original line-up reunites, performing Harry Nilsson's "Jump into the Fire" at a party celebrating the twentieth anniversary of DFA Records
June 22 The Long Play Lounge - East in Austin, Texas, hosts a "Harry Nilsson Tribute Night"
December 26 Si Litvinoff dies.
2023 March 13 Drummer Jim Gordon dies at age 77.
July 10 Bob Segarini dies.