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Jim Hoke to Buzz Osborne in 12 Steps

  1. Jim Hoke played bass for Bill DeMain's recording of Garbage Can Ballet
  2. Garbage Can Ballet is heard in Skidoo
  3. Skidoo starred Carol Channing
  4. Carol Channing was born on January 31
  5. January 31 is the birthday of Christian Nesmith
  6. Christian Nesmith is the son of Michael Nesmith
  7. Michael Nesmith played guitar for Rainmaker
  8. Rainmaker was written by Harry Nilsson
  9. Harry Nilsson wrote The World Is Coming To An End
  10. The World Is Coming To An End was published by Blackwood Music
  11. Blackwood Music published You're Breaking My Heart
  12. You're Breaking My Heart was written by Buzz Osborne