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How About You to Aerial Pandemonium Ballet in 12 Steps

  1. How About You was produced by Ray Cooper
  2. Ray Cooper played percussion for Son of Schmilsson
  3. Son of Schmilsson includes guitar played by Peter Frampton
  4. Peter Frampton played guitar for The Lottery Song
  5. The Lottery Song features guitar played by Chris Spedding
  6. Chris Spedding played guitar for Son of Dracula
  7. Son of Dracula was recorded by Harry Nilsson
  8. Harry Nilsson arranged Loop de Loop
  9. Loop de Loop features saxophone played by Trevor Lawrence
  10. Trevor Lawrence produced Daylight Has Caught Me
  11. Daylight Has Caught Me was written by Dr. John
  12. Dr. John played piano for Aerial Pandemonium Ballet