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A Grand Guy: The Art and Life of Terry Southern book A biography of Terry Southern which details his life and work, including his collaborations (such as his work on the screenplay for The Telephone ) with Harry Nilsson .
Aerial Pandemonium Ballet book Dunbar Music published a song book of songs from Aerial Pandemonium Ballet .
Alice Cooper, Golf Monster: A Rock 'n' Roller's 12 Steps to Becoming a Golf Addict book In Golf Monster , which combines a golf manual and an autobiography, Alice Cooper includes a description of his drinking days hanging out with the Hollywood Vampires . Harry Nilsson was one of the "Vampires."    
Always Look on the Bright Side of Life: A Sortabiography book Eric Idle's memoir is filled with anecdotes of the former Python's encounters with celebrities including a few run-ins with Harry Nilsson .   In the book, Idle describes singing "Volare " with Harry, Ringo Starr , and George Harrison at the ...
An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles book Robert Winter and David Gebhard's updated guide to architecture in the greater Los Angeles area (previously titled Los Angeles: An Architectural Guide ) includes a description of Harry Nilsson's home at 10549 Rocca Place in Bel Air which "can only be seen from the end of Somma Way." ...
Andy Warhol Diaries book Andy Warhol's entry for October 9, 1984, describes attending the birthday party for Sean Lennon that was held at the Dakota just before the radio broadcast of : The cake was a big blond grand piano. Sean was the one who had the idea that it should be a piano. He has a piano in his ...
Ballad of John and Yoko book The book presents interviews about John Lennon . Those interviewed include Harry Nilsson .
Basket Case book In Carl Hiaasen's novel, Basket Case , the main character writes newspaper obituaries and as a result is obsessed with death and has memorized the ages that celebrities were when they died.   During the course of the novel, he asks a friend how old her ...
Beatles Undercover book Beatles Undercover by Kristofer Engelhardt is an anthology of all the artists the Beatles , either collectively or individually, recorded with, wrote for, and produced. Each artist's tracks have excellent session listings. The section on Harry Nilsson is very accurate and lovingly written ...
Bravemouth: Living with Billy Connolly book In , Pamela Stephenson quotes her husband, actor and comedian Billy Connolly , as he describes his encounter with Harry Nilsson in Malta while Popeye was being filmed. "We were both legless that afternoon. For a laugh, Harry had just charcoaled his name in colossal letters on a castle ...
C For Dummies, Volume Two book Discussing addresses and pointers used in the C programming language, author Dan Gookin uses Arrow and Oblio and other references to The Point! .
Caramelo book Sandra Cisneros's novel quotes the entire lyrics to Think About Your Troubles at the begining of a chapter. Though the novel is in Spanish, the song's lyrics are in English.
Caribbean Cocktails book Jennifer Trainer Thompson's is a collection of over 60 cocktail recipes. Thompson provides recommended music to accompany each drink. For "Sour Coconut" (rum, coconut-milk, and sour-mix) she recommends Coconut by Harry Nilsson .
Casualties of Rock book Harry Nilsson is one of the rock musicians whose death is discussed in this book.
Cloud Nine: Memoirs of a Record Producer book In this autobiography, Richard Perry talks of his life's triumphs and its adversities. Overcoming polio, he became a successful high jumper on his high school track and field team. After graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in music and ...
Cousin Brucie: My Life in Rock 'N' Roll Radio book New York disk jockey Cousin Brucie describes his career. The book includes a photograph of Harry Nilsson .
Defiled: After Dark Portfolio book This book contains graphic and explicit photographs of many celebrities including Harry Nilsson .
Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood book Eric Burdon briefly talks about Harry Nilsson in his autobiography. He met Nilsson during the period when John Lennon and Harry were hanging out together in Los Angeles.
Enigma: David Puttnam, the story so far book Enigma is Andrew Yule's biography of film producer David Puttnam .   The book decribes how David Puttnam was impressed by Harry Nilsson's song "1941 ." Puttnam asked writer Ray Connolly to create a screenplay based on it which resulted in the film That'll Be the Day .
Every Night's a Saturday Night: The Rock 'n' Roll Life of Legendary Sax Man Bobby Keys book Bobby Keys played sax for many of Harry Nilsson's album sessions. He was also Nilsson's friend and drinking buddy. Key's memoir includes descriptions of some of the work he did with Harry as well as their time together outside the recording studio.
Fifty Years Adrift (In An Open-Necked Shirt) book This limited-edition 650-page autobiography of Beatles publicist Derek Taylor was published using antique laid paper; hand-bound in calf leather with gilt tooled on the spine and page edges; and enclosed in a hard sleeve. Each copy is signed by both Taylor ...
Film, Television, and Stage Music On Phonograph Records: A Discography book Harry Nilsson's work for TV and the movies is covered in .
Flashman book On the cover of Harry Nilsson's Flash Harry] ] you can spot a copy of the novel [[Flashman at the Charge , the third in the Flashman series by George MacDonald Fraser .
Freestyle: The New Architecture and Interior Design from Los Angeles book Tim Street-Porter's Freestyle ushers readers into the revolutionary houses of a group of provocative architects and designers, including Frank Gehry , Eric Moss , and Peter Shire . 260 color photos including a photo of Harry Nilsson's Bel Air, California , home (designed by Eugene Kupper ...
Generation Loss book In Elizabeth Hand's novel about New York's punk scene in the late 1970s, a character plays Harry Nilsson's Jump Into the Fire and remarks "Such a beautiful song."
Global Architecture Houses 9 book This exploration of "new waves in American architecture" includes Harry Nilsson's 10549 Rocca Place Bel Air home which was designed by Eugene Kupper .
Goldmine Classic Rock Digest book Includes a reprint of Dawn Eden's article.
Goodbye: In Search of Gordon Jenkins book Bruce Jenkins's biography of his father, Gordon Jenkins includes information about the recording of Harry Nilsson's A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night album. Jenkins arranged and conducted the music for Nilsson's album of pop standards. The younger Jenkins attended the London ...
Great Pop Stars book Harry Nilsson is included in this collection of stories and photos of "Great Pop Stars."
Harry & Me book Harry & Me is a non-fiction book by Neil Watson and David Roberts featuring stories contributed by fans of Harry Nilsson and remembrances from people who knew and worked with Harry,   You can order the book direct from the publisher at:   ...
How to Be a Working Comic: An Insider's Guide to a Career in Stand-Up Comedy book In an interview with the author of How to Be a Working Comic: An Insider's Guide to a Career in Stand-Up Comedy , Tommy Smothers reveals what led up to the infamous "Troubadour " incident. After the cancellation of the Smothers Brothers TV show, Tommy performed as a solo act: I had ...
In My Life: John Lennon Remembered book The trade paperback is based on the Radio 1 series of the same name. The book presents John Lennon's story through his own words and those of his relatives, friends and colleagues including Yoko Ono , Harry Nilsson , George Martin and others.
Is Tiny Dancer Really Elton's Little John?: Music's Most Enduring Mysteries, Myths, and Rumors Revealed book Gavin Edwards explores some of "music’s most enduring mysteries" in Is Tiny Dancer Really Elton's Little John? . Harry Nilsson appears in the discussion of Mama Cass and Keith Moon's deaths (in the London apartment owned by Harry).
John Lennon: The Lost Weekend book May Pang describes her time with Harry Nilsson and John Lennon during Lennon's "Lost Weekend ."
Jughead {#105} book Author Craig Boldman slipped a reference to Harry Nilsson into his script for the Jughead comic #105 published in June of 1998.   Later, in issue #108 , he would produce a much more substantial homage to Harry (and Harry's fans).
Jughead {#108} book In issue #108 of the Jughead comics author Craig Boldman paid tribute to Harry Nilsson and to the fans of Harry's (who call themselves "Harryheads ").   In the story, Jughead Jones tells a bizarre bedtime story loosely based on The Point! and ...
Just One book Bill Roble's autobiographical book describes his mother's reaction to his playing a Harry Nilsson album with "a slight amount of profanity." The nine-year-old was amused by his mother's reaction until he was chased from the house with "a fork sailing past my head."
Keith Moon 'Instant Party': Musings, Mermories and Minutiae book Alan Clayson's book about Keith Moon of The Who includes portions of an interview with Harry Nilsson .
Kissing Bill O'Reilly, Roasting Miss Piggy: 100 Things to Love and Hate about TV book Ken Tucker enumerates the best and worst on television. Harry Nilsson's The Point! makes the list in the "Best" column. "Sweet but never sappy, The Point! is a near-forgotten little remnant of late-counterculture mass culture outreach whose melodies live on in the back of some of our ...
Laurel Canyon: The Inside Story of Rock-and-Roll's Legendary Neighborhood book Harry Nilsson is briefly mentioned in Michael Walker's book about Laurel Canyon and the rock musicians who lived there.
Lennon In America: 1971-1980, Based in Part on the Lost Lennon Diaries book In Lennon in America author Geoffrey Giuliano makes many sensational claims about John Lennon . Giuliano claims that his primary source was a copy of John Lennon's diaries given to the author by Harry Nilsson .   I never met Harry Nilsson, but as a ...
Life Before and After Monty Python: The Solo Flights of the Flying Circus book Harry Nilsson wrote one of the forewords in Life Before and After Monty Python: The Solo Flights of the Flying Circus .  
Los Angeles: An Architectural Guide book Harry Nilsson's 10549 Rocca Place home is listed in this guide to Los Angeles architecture.
Loving John : The Untold Story book May Pang's memoir describes her time with Harry Nilsson and John Lennon during Lennon's "Lost Weekend ."    
Magnolia: Songs by Aimee Mann book Song book which includes the music and lyrics for Harry Nilsson's One . Includes four-color photos of Aimee Mann and shots from the film
Meet the Beatles ... Again! book Subtitled "A Collection of Memories and Comments From Today's Most Influential Personalities And the Fab Four Themselves" this book features quotes from and photos of the Rolling Stones , Who , David Bowie , REM , Kiss , Beach Boys , Lenny Kravitz , Kinks ...
Melody Maker book Melody Maker named Harry Nilsson's recording of "Without You " as the "Record of the Year " for 1972.
New Musical Express 1973 Annual Hot Rock Guide book Includes an article about Nilsson.
Nilsson Sings Newman book Softcover, 46 pages. 9 x 12. Sheet music for Piano and Guitar. Includes lyrics.
Nilsson Together book Songbook with 13 songs including Without Her and One . 46 pages. Many family photographs.
Nilsson: The Life of a Singer-Songwriter book Alyn Shipton's biography of Harry Nilsson is based on extensive research and exclusive access to Harry Nilsson's papers and his oral autobiography .   Nilsson: The Life of a Singer-Songwriter Awards: WINNER of 2014 ARSC Award for best ...
Paradise, Suzanna Style book Suzanna Leigh's autobiography describes her life as an actress in the 1960s and 1970s in Hollywood and London. Includes an account of the filming of Son of Dracula .
Phil Spector: Back to Mono 1958 - 1969 book This 308 page songbook includes the music and lyrics for Harry Nilsson's Paradise along with a photo of Nilsson.
Postcards from the Boys book Ringo Starr's includes a story about Ringo and Harry Nilsson looking for Johann Strauss in Austria and, instead, finding Robert Altman in Denmark.
Purposeful Play: Early Childhood Movement Activities on a Budget book An execise to improve a child's upper-body strength suggests making the experience more fun by giving the child a fishing hat to wear and playing music with "a fishing or ocean theme such as the song Blanket for a Sail by Harry Nilsson ."
Randy Newman: American Dreams book Kevin Courrier's biography covers the life, music, and philosophy of Randy Newman , "an enigmatic and audacious American composer."
Rock on Film book Rock on Film is a listing of 483 rock and roll films with credits. It is illustrated with 75 photos.   The book Includes a review of Skidoo with a concise summary:   They weren't ready for it in 1968, and they still aren't.  
Singer-Songwriters: Pop Music's Performer-Composers, from A to Zevon book This 306 page book describes 208 of the most popular singer-songwriters since the 1950s including Harry Nilsson .
Songwriters on Songwriting: The Expanded Version book This book consists of interviews with many songwriters including Van Dyke Parks , Randy Newman and Harry Nilsson .   Paul Zollo recalls going out for a grand lunch with Harry Nilsson , then driving around in the hills with him listening to tapes of ...
Songwriters: A Biographical Dictionary With Discographies book Harry Nilsson is included in this reference of 1,054 composers and lyricists of popular nineteenth-and twentieth-century songs in the U.S. and United Kingdom. 633 pages. Index.
The Bartender's Best Friend: A Complete Guide to Cocktails, Martinis, and Mixed Drinks book Includes a recipe for "Coco Loco" which is described as "A drink for fans of Harry Nilsson ." The drink is made of tequila, rum, gin, and grenadine. It's served in a coconut with a slice of lime as a garnish.
The Boy Who Knew Everything book An article in the October, 1990, issue of L.A. Magazine reported that Harry Nilsson had several plans. These plans included writing a children’s book called .
The First 28 Years of Monty Python book Harry Nilsson is mentioned in this revised version of Kim Johnson's .
The Greatest Rock & Roll Stories book Harry figures in two stories in this book, both Lennon-related. The Troubadour incident is rehashed with little regard for the truth. Then Mr. Fein relies on the "Lies of Albert Goldman " to retell the famous "Harry and John going to RCA during Harry's ...
The Harry Nilsson Anthology book contains twenty-five of Harry Nilsson's best songs arranged for guitar and piano. It also includes many photographs and an introduction by A. Lee Blackman .
The John Lennon Affair book Harry Nilsson appears as a character in Robert S. Levinson ’s novel The John Lennon Affair . The book is a detective story featuring Neil Gulliver , a famous L.A. journalist who lives with (but is divorced from) soap star Stevie Marriner . The ...
The Monkees: The Day-By-Day Story of the 60s TV Pop Sensation book Andrew Sandoval spent 15 years writing The Monkees: The Day-By-Day Story of the 60s TV Pop Sensation . The book promises to provide "a day-by-day look at the years from 1965 to 1970" including details of the Monkees recording sessions.  
The New Chinese Astrology book Author Suzanne White describes Harry Nilsson as one of several performers (including Paul McCartney ) born in the year of the Horse, 1942. There's just one problem ....   (The mention of Harry was removed from later editions.)    
The Nilsson Anthology book The Nilsson Anthology contains twenty-five of Harry Nilsson's best songs arranged for guitar and piano. The songbook includes many photographs and an introduction by Lee Blackman .    
The Tombstone Tourist: Musicians book Harry Nilsson is one of those listed in this guide to the final resting places of musicians.
The Ultimate Recording Guide book   External Links The Ultimate Recording Guide at Amazon
They Made a Monkee Out of Me book Davy Jones's includes tales about Keith Moon , Harry Nilsson , and others.
Time Magazine book Harry Nilsson was pictured on the cover of the February 12, 1973, issue of Time Magazine.   The Time Magazine cover was one of the very few pieces of music memorabilia Harry openly displayed in his home. [1]   Harry's son Zak was quoted in the ...
Top Pop Scene: All the Stars book Includes four pages about Harry Nilsson with five photos (one full page).
Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting book In his book, Tunesmith: Inside the Art of Songwriting , Jimmy Webb quotes Harry Nilsson's "How to Write a Song " in the introduction and latter tells a story about Harry asking Webb's permission to use the line "Up, Up, and Away" in "Gotta Get Up ."  
TV Themes book This songbook contains TV theme songs arranged for piano and guitar. Included is Best Friend , Harry Nilsson's theme from The Courtship of Eddie's Father .
TV's Biggest Hits book Jon Burlingame's discusses Harry Nilsson's theme for The Courtship of Eddie's Father . The Nilsson section lasts all of two pages, but it fills in a part of Harry's career that has been heretofore relegated to a TV trivia question. Harry did discuss "Eddie's ...
Water Magic: Healing Bath Recipes for the Body, Spirit, and Soul book For the "Mystical Sex Bath," a combination of oils are described and romantic music is suggested: "Chopin's piano waltzes or Harry Nilsson's A Little Touch of Schmilsson In the Night ."  
Watership Down book Watership Down is novel by Richard Adams in which a warren of Berkshire rabbits flee the destruction of their home by a land developer.   When asked "What gift from your father do you remember or cherish the most?" Zak Nilsson , Harry's oldest son, replied, "I think that would have to ...
West Coast Story book This book about west coast music of the '60s includes a chapter about Harry Nilsson . B&W and Color photos. 96 pages.
Whatever Happened To...? The Great Rock And Pop Nostalgia Book book Harry Nilsson is one of the 200+ rock and pop stars listed in this book.    
Wolf Stories: Myths and True-Life Tales from Around the World book Gary Lund , illustrator of the booklet included with Harry Nilsson's The Point! album, also illustrated the book Wolf Stories: Myths and True Life Tales from Around the World .
Yellowbeard: High Jinks on the High Seas! book Graham Chapman dscribes the filming of Yellowbeard . Originally Harry Nilsson and Chapman thought that Nilsson would do the music for the film. Harry and his family travelled to the filming location in Mexico. Producer Carter DeHaven met Nilsson on location and told Harry "we need a ...