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March 15 to Ambush in 12 Steps

  1. March 15 is the birthday of Arif Mardin
  2. Arif Mardin produced Ringo's Rotogravure
  3. Ringo's Rotogravure was recorded by Ringo Starr
  4. Ringo Starr played percussion for Duit on Mon Dei
  5. Duit on Mon Dei includes guitar played by Dennis Budimir
  6. Dennis Budimir played guitar for Aerial Ballet
  7. Aerial Ballet includes cello played by Jesse Ehrlich
  8. Jesse Ehrlich played cello for Aerial Pandemonium Ballet
  9. Aerial Pandemonium Ballet was arranged by George Tipton
  10. George Tipton arranged Miss Butter's Lament
  11. Miss Butter's Lament was sung by Harry Nilsson
  12. Harry Nilsson sang Ambush