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Are You Sleeping? to Rufus in 12 Steps

  1. Are You Sleeping? was recorded by The Kojacks
  2. The Kojacks recorded Remember (Christmas)
  3. Remember (Christmas) was published by Blackwood Music
  4. Blackwood Music published All My Life
  5. All My Life was produced by John Lennon
  6. John Lennon produced Loop de Loop
  7. Loop de Loop features drums played by Ringo Starr
  8. Ringo Starr played drums for Drumming is My Madness
  9. Drumming is My Madness features trombone played by Bruce Paulson
  10. Bruce Paulson played trombone for Back Off Boogaloo
  11. Back Off Boogaloo features bass played by Dennis Belfield
  12. Dennis Belfield was a member of Rufus