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Take 54 to Aerial Pandemonium Ballet in 12 Steps

  1. Take 54 was covered by Cynthia Henderson
  2. Cynthia Henderson recorded Gotta Get Up
  3. Gotta Get Up is heard in Russian Doll
  4. Russian Doll was on Netflix in 2019 on February 1
  5. February 1 is the birthday of Bill Mumy
  6. Bill Mumy starred in Bless the Beasts and Children
  7. Bless the Beasts and Children featured music by Perry Botkin
  8. Perry Botkin wrote Love Is the Answer
  9. Love Is the Answer was written by Harry Nilsson
  10. Harry Nilsson wrote Daylight Has Caught Me
  11. Daylight Has Caught Me was written by Dr. John
  12. Dr. John played guitar for Aerial Pandemonium Ballet