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   11From Alice Cooper to June Lockhart
   11From Barbara Bach to Show Business
   11From Beatles to Bill Bixby
   11From Best Friend to Curzon Place
   11From Danny Thomas to Mickey Dolenz
   11From Don't Leave Me to Ralph Rainger
   11From Dream Love to Nom Music
   11From Everybody's Talkin' to Philip Quast
   11From Fast Times at Ridgemont High to Julie London
   11From Gentlemen Friend to That 70s Show
   11From Goeie Ouwe Plee to Douglas Trumbull
   11From Good For God to Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind
   11From Gotta Get Up to Golden Syrup Music
   11From Gotta Get Up to Robin Geoffrey Cable
   11From Hal Blaine to Littlest Kidnapper
   11From Harry Shearer to David Mackay
   11From Harry Shearer to John Lennon
   11From Harry's Song to You're My Girl
   11From I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City to Doris Day
   11From I've Got It to Elena Powell
   11From Jesse Ed Davis to Don't Say Goodbye
   11From John Marascalco to Countin'
   11From Keith Moon to Early Years
   11From Keith Moon to Neil Diamond
   11From Ken Ascher to Bill Bixby
   11From Klaus Voormann to Chris Penn
   11From Lassie to John Maclean
   11From Lost In Space to Godzilla
   11From My Girl to Jeff Barry
   11From Perhaps This is All a Dream to Marlene Dietrich
   11From Raspberries to Intersong Music
   11From Raspberries to Steve Douglas
   11From Ray Conniff to Bill Bixby
   11From Richard Creamer to The Band
   11From Richard Perry to Do You Wanna (Have Some Fun)
   11From Richie Zito to Hollis Music
   11From Rick Jarrard to Roger Miller
   11From Robin Hood Music Co. to One
   11From Six Continents Music to Born In Grenada
   11From So Long Dad to Godzuki
   11From Ten Little Indians to Pussy Cats
   11From The Band to Loop de Loop
   11From The Eagles to Kojak Columbo
   11From The Eagles to Ringo
   11From The Family to Emmylou Harris
   11From The Kojacks to Do You Wanna (Have Some Fun)
   11From Unichappell Music to My Girl
   11From Unichappell Music to Puget Sound
   11From Warner-Tamerlane Hastings Catalog Inc. to Amanda Palmer