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Mi Amigo to Les Thatcher in 11 Steps

  1. Mi Amigo was written by Perry Botkin
  2. Perry Botkin wrote Shady Lane
  3. Shady Lane was written by Harry Nilsson
  4. Harry Nilsson hosted a tribute to Graham Chapman at the St. James Club in 1990 on January 23
  5. January 23 is the birthday of George Tipton
  6. George Tipton arranged One
  7. One was recorded by Brass Bed With Allison Bohl
  8. Brass Bed With Allison Bohl recorded Don't Forget Me
  9. Don't Forget Me by Joe Cocker features piano played by Nicky Hopkins
  10. Nicky Hopkins played piano for Son of Schmilsson
  11. Son of Schmilsson includes guitar played by Les Thatcher