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March 15 to Transperformance 2015 in 11 Steps

  1. March 15 is the birthday of Arif Mardin
  2. Arif Mardin produced Ringo's Rotogravure
  3. Ringo's Rotogravure was recorded by Ringo Starr
  4. Ringo Starr played drums for Lady Gaye
  5. Lady Gaye features guitar played by Danny Kortchmar
  6. Danny Kortchmar played guitar for Good For God
  7. Good For God features bass played by Klaus Voormann
  8. Klaus Voormann played bass for Son of Schmilsson
  9. Son of Schmilsson is a favorite album of Henning Ohlenbusch
  10. Henning Ohlenbusch is a member of Aloha Steamtrain
  11. Aloha Steamtrain performed "The Point!" at Transperformance 2015