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Lyckan Ar En Valp to Israel Baker in 11 Steps

  1. Lyckan Ar En Valp was written by Harry Nilsson
  2. Harry Nilsson sang backing for Old Dirt Road
  3. Old Dirt Road features guitar played by Jesse Ed Davis
  4. Jesse Ed Davis played guitar for ...That's the Way It Is
  5. ...That's the Way It Is includes timpani played by Gene Estes
  6. Gene Estes played percussion for Duit on Mon Dei
  7. Duit on Mon Dei includes piano played by Dr. John
  8. Dr. John played piano for Aerial Pandemonium Ballet
  9. Aerial Pandemonium Ballet includes percussion played by Milt Holland
  10. Milt Holland played percussion for The Point!
  11. The Point! includes violin played by Israel Baker