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Jacqueline Lustgarten to Aloha Steamtrain in 11 Steps

  1. Jacqueline Lustgarten played cello for Aerial Ballet
  2. Aerial Ballet includes guitar played by Dennis Budimir
  3. Dennis Budimir played guitar for Back Off Boogaloo
  4. Back Off Boogaloo features guitar played by Fred Tackett
  5. Fred Tackett played guitar for ...That's the Way It Is
  6. ...That's the Way It Is includes drums played by Jim Keltner
  7. Jim Keltner played drums for Old Dirt Road
  8. Old Dirt Road features bass played by Klaus Voormann
  9. Klaus Voormann played bass for Son of Schmilsson
  10. Son of Schmilsson is a favorite album of Henning Ohlenbusch
  11. Henning Ohlenbusch was a member of Aloha Steamtrain