Midnight Special

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Midnight Special {November 4, 1977} videocam Harry Nilsson made an appearance in episode 8 of season 6 of The Midnight Special which aired on November 4, 1977.
Midnight Special {November 28, 1975} videocam The tenth episode of season four of The Midnight Special which aired on November 28, 1975, included a segment described as "a special tribute to Harry Nilsson" hosted by Helen Reddy and featuring an exclusive interview.


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The Story Behind the Photo of Anne Murray and the Hollywood Vampires circle photo On November 21, 1973, Richard Creamer took this famous photo of John Lennon , Anne Murray , Harry Nilsson , Alice Cooper , Keith Moon , and Mickey Dolenz at the Troubadour . It is a part of the Michael Ochs Archives . [1]   In 1973, in an attempt ...
A Toot and a Snore article Between March and May 1974, John Lennon was at Record Plant West and Burbank Studios in Los Angeles, California , where he was producing and mixing Harry Nilsson's new album Pussy Cats . (The documented dates vary.  Mark Lewisohn says the ...