Bobby Keys toured and recorded with the Rolling Stones for decades and played on recordings by many artists including Harry Nilsson.


Key's autobiography includes a discussion of how he and Nilsson met while first working together on Nilsson Schmilsson. He talks about how the two became friends and drinking buddies.


I really liked being with Harry. I even liked arguing with him, which we did a lot because I’m a rock 'n’ roll guy and Harry was not what you’d call mainstream rock ’n’ roll as such. But he knew about it. He was a very musical guy. In the beginning, I looked at him as a silky-voiced folk-singer kinda guy like Gilbert O’Sullivan, the guy who sang “Alone Again (Naturally).” That sort of singer. I didn’t think Harry had that much spunk in him. But I underestimated Harry’s spunk level enormously. That boy was full of spunk.


Key's autobiography is highly recommended for Nilsson fans not only for the insight it gives into Harry as a person, but because it is generally an interesting and entertaining book.


Every Night's a great romp that is almost more of a history of modern rock than it is a look at the life of Bobby Keys. That also makes it an enjoyable and fascinating read for anyone who loves classic rock, as well as for folks who grew up on the genre.