Alice Cooper, Harry Nilsson, Keith Moon, Marc Bolan, and the original Alice Cooper Band recorded a version of "Coconut" which has never been released.


Well, we had already done School's Out, which was, it was a number one album in England, and so we decided to record Billion Dollar Babies at Morgan Studios in London. And we got there, and so we're pretty much at the end of a session, and all of a sudden, here comes Harry Nilsson, Marc Bolan, Ringo, Keith Moon, Ric Grech, and they all decide they're gonna play on a song.
What they didn’t realize was that we were just as drunk at that point of the night. Ezrin was the only one that was sober because it was the end of the night. We'd already finished recording. So, Keith Moon picks up a guitar. Harry Nilsson gets on the drums. Everybody's playing the instrument they don't play. The only guy playing a real instrument, I think, was Marc Bolan. To this day, we can't remember who played on what on that album.
There was a version of ‘Put the Lime in the Coconut,’ that if it ever gets released, we’ll all be in jail.

-- Alice Cooper[1]