On June 15, 2021, a YouTube event was held to celebrate Harry Nilsson's 80th birthday and to pay respects to his son, Zak.


Harry Nilsson Birthday Bash 2021


Benediction by Stephen Kalinich

"Coconut" by Don Heffington

"Good Old Desk" by Teresa Cowles

"One" by Tara Austin

"Think About Your Troubles" by Art Nordoff

"Without Her" by Kristi Callan

"Everybody's Talkin'" by Nick Guzman

"Driving Along" by Nick Vincent

"Mournin' Glory Story" by Carmaig de Forest

"She Sang Hymns Out of Tune" by Carolyn Soyars

"Cuddly Toy" by Steven Ramirez

"This All I Ask" by Steve Stanley

"Gotta Get Up" by Danette Christine

"Me and My Arrow" by Fernando Perdomo

"Perfect Day" by Jason Luckett

"This Could Be the Night" by Anny Celsi and Ivan Pyzow

"Bath" by Rick Hromadka

"I'll Never Leave You" by Michael Culhane

"Down By the Sea" by Dave Soyars

"Together" by The Jason Berk Trio

"Without You" by LuAnn Olson and Randall Kirsch

"Remember" by Todd Lawrence

"Don't Forget Me" by Cait Brennan

"Blanket for a Sail" by Liesel Hanson

"Lullaby" by Jami McNeill

"Bigger Man" by Zak Nilsson