On March 5, 2003, on his popular radio show, Howard Stern played "You're Breaking My Heart." As the song played (with the expected edits, of course), Stern laughed out loud.


Stern asked if Harry Nilsson was still alive and his "posse" said no, but couldn't agree on either the date of his death or how he died.


Robin Quivers professed ignorance of Harry and then outright dislike when it was pointed out that Harry sang "Everybody's Talkin'" and "Without You."


Gary Dell'Abate ("Baba Booey"), the show's producer and a big music fan, was quick to come to Harry's defense as were Howard and his sidekick, Artie Lange. The sound man, Fred Norris, chimed in that Harry didn't write his two biggest hits and he doubted that Nilsson wrote "One."


Baba Booey gave Howard a "greatest hits" CD and he proceeded to play snippets from "Everybody's Talkin'," "Without You," "One" (Howard corrected Fred's error), "Coconut," "Jump into the Fire," and "Spaceman."


The general concensus in the room was that Harry wrote and sang a number of great rock songs, and that he probably made a bunch of money in the music business. Artie said he wanted the greatest hits CD when Howard was finished with it.