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Apple business The Beatles formed Apple Corps Ltd. in 1968 primarily as their own record label.   At the press conference announcing the formation of Apple, The Beatles named Harry Nilsson as both their favorite American artist and as their favorite American group.   Son of Dracula was billed as ...
BBC business The British Broadcasting Corporation (the BBC) recorded and aired two In Concert TV specials featuring Harry Nilsson .   In 1997, BBC Radio aired a two-part show about Harry Nilsson and his music called "The Thing About Harry ."  
Crossroads Films business Crossroads Films produced the "Coke, You Nut " TV commercial featuring Harry Nilsson's "Coconut ."
Grosvenor Music business Grosvenor Music is the music publication company Harry Nilsson started around the time he was recording Harry .      
Hawkeye Entertainment business Harry Nilsson was a co-founder of Hawkeye Entertainment ( SBIZ ) which was incorporated in Colorado on October 23, 1985.   Cindy Sims was President of Hawkeye which was located at 11330 Ventura Blvd. in Los Angeles, California . Terry Southern was ...
Kirkland & Ellis' Restructuring, Insolvency, Workout & Bankruptcy Group business Kirkland & Ellis' Restructuring, Insolvency, Workout & Bankruptcy Group represented Harry Nilsson during his bankruptcy proceedings "as debtor-in-possession. Confirmed plan of reorganization providing for 100% payment to creditors."
Nilsson House business Harry Nilsson often credited "Nilsson House" as the producer of songs he produced.
Nilsson House Productions business Harry Nilsson headed up Nilsson House Productions with his associates, his lawyer, Dennis Bond , and Larry Gordon . In 1970, Nilsson House Productions purchased the film rights to a short-story by Kurt Vonnegut with filming expected to begin by mid-1970. [1]   Although a film based on ...
Nilsson Productions, Inc. business Nilsson Productions, Inc. was incorporated in California on March 17, 1969. The mailing address for the company was:   Nilsson Productions, Inc. 9028 Sunset BLVD #201 Los Angeles, CA 90069   Harry Nilsson was listed as the CEO and Cindy Sims as the agent.  
Oblio's Dream business Oblio's Dream was a fashion store in Palm Beach, Florida (and in South Hampton ) started by Oblio Wish and her partner, Rick Carroll . [1]   Although the store is named for its owner, there is a Harry Nilsson connection. As reported in USA Today :   Oblio's Dream [..] the ...
Pacific Family Entertainment business In mid-2003, Pacific Family Entertainment announced a VHS and DVD release of The Point! . According to the company, the DVD was to be released in August of 2003. But, the release was cancelled - probably due to copyright issues.
Picture Pop Sticker #64 business photo In 1974, Panini-Modena released "Picture Pop Sticker #64" featuring a photograph of Harry Nilsson on the front and a brief biography of the singer/songwriter on the back.   The bio on the back says:   NILSSON Born Harry Nilsson Schmisson in ...
R. B. Marich, Inc. business R. B. Marich, Inc. was the underwriter for the initial public offering of stock in Harry Nilsson's company Hawkeye Entertainment .
Rumpelmayer's business Harry Nilsson met his future wife, Una O'Keeffe at Rumpelmayer's in New York City . Located in the  St. Moritz Hotel , Rumpelmayer's opened as a tea room in the 1930s and closed in 1998.
Tower Records business Tower Records, a Capitol Records label, picked up Harry Nilsson's contract from Mercury in 1964. The Spotlight on Nilsson was released by Tower.
Xaqtly Music business Xaqtly Music was Zak Nilsson's music production company.