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Harry Nilsson News (2023-03-30)

Walk of Fame Star for Bill Bixby Campaign Meets Major Goal

Brandon Cruz's effort to have a star for Bill Bixby added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame has reached a major goal. The Go Fund Me account to raise money for the star has reached its goal and now the process for having the star approved and installed has begun.


You can follow the effort at:

Harry Nilsson News (2023-03-13)

Drummer Jim Gordon Dies

Jim Gordon who contributed to several Harry Nilsson albums as a percussionist has died at the age of 77 on March 13, 2023.

Harry Nilsson News (2022-11-14)

BMG Acquires Harry Nilsson's Song Catalog

BMG Rights Management has acquired the song catalog of Harry Nilsson. On November 14, 2022, BMG released the following announcement:


BMG has announced the acquisition of the rights to the critically-acclaimed songbook of Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson.
The deal includes Nilsson’s publishing catalog, as well as artist and writer revenue streams of his hit songs including the chart-topping hits "Without You," "Everybody's Talkin'," "One,"‘ "Coconut," and classics "Jump Into The Fire,"‘ "Gotta Get Up," and "Me and My Arrow," among many others from his great American songbook. His song works also includes titles co-written with John Lennon, ‘Mucho Mungo/Mt. Elga’ and ‘Old Dirt Road’; Danny Kortchmar, ‘(Thursday) Here’s Why I Did Not Go To Work Today’, ‘Moonshine Bandit’; Dr. John, ‘Daylight Has Caught Me’; and Ringo Starr, ‘How Long Can Disco On’.
Featured among the 18 studio albums released over the course of his two-decade long recording career include his debut Spotlight on Nilsson, Harry, Nilsson Sings Newman, the critically acclaimed Nilsson Schmilsson, standards album A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night, Pussy Cats (produced by John Lennon), Nilsson's personal favorite Knnillssonn, and his final studio album Flash Harry; as well as the original film soundtracks for Skidoo, The Point!, Son of Dracula, and Popeye; in addition to the collection of his final studio recordings titled Losst and Founnd released posthumously.
BMG will also begin collaborating with the Nilsson family in exploring global creative opportunities for their creative assets such as the The Point! story and Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) including film, television, theatrical stage productions, books, and further areas of business.  
The Nilsson family said, “We are delighted to have found a partner that shares our love and reverence for Harry’s legacy. We look forward to a long relationship with BMG, working together to celebrate this true genius of pop music.”
Thomas Scherer, BMG’s President, Repertoire & Marketing, Los Angeles and New York, said, “For generations, Harry Nilsson’s timeless music has captivated millions of people all around the world. A brilliant songwriter with an exceptionally beautiful and unique voice, we will ensure his spirit thrives for generations to come. We are honored the Nilsson family chose BMG to entrust as the custodians of his musical legacy and are proud to represent the cherished works of Harry Nilsson.” 
Harry Nilsson occupies a unique space in the story of 20th century American music. While he is best known for his chart-topping hits, his deep catalog continues to surprise and capture audiences. At turns irreverent and sincere, Rock & Roll and pure Pop, Nilsson defied easy categorization over his career. He eschewed touring and was happiest in the studio, where he worked with producers like Rick Jarrard, Richard Perry, and John Lennon to craft layered, inventive recordings. 
Nilsson’s career began in 1960s Los Angeles, where he penned hits for The Monkees and Three Dog Night. He explored Baroque Pop and recorded pristine vocals on albums like Pandemonium Shadow Show and Aerial Ballet. In 1971, he released the seminal Nilsson Schmilsson, which was nominated for four Grammys. His chart-topping cover of ‘Without You’ is one of the most vital moments in 1970s music. His 1971 album and film The Point is a triumph of imagination, an enduring fable of the nature of belonging. His timeless interpretations of the Great American Songbook on 1973’s A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night broke new ground for musicians of the era.
Nilsson's music continues to inspire other artists, who see him as a beacon of authenticity and artistry. John Lennon and Paul McCartney called him their "favorite American group," and artists from Carly Rae Jepsen to Harry Styles have cited him as an inspiration. His music is indelibly linked to movies and TV shows like Goodfellas ("Jump Into The Fire"), Reservoir Dogs "Coconut"), Russian Doll ("Gotta Get Up"), Forrest Gump ("Everybody's Talkin'"), You've Got Mail ("The Puppy Song") and many more. The breadth and depth of Harry Nilsson's catalog continues to charm new generations.
The Nilssons' team was led by John Rudolph of 1.618 Industries, Inc. (formerly Music Analytics, a leading music IP advisor) with counsel provided by Jason Karlov and Amanda Taber of Barnes & Thornburg.


Photo Credits:
Back row (L to R) – Thomas Scherer (BMG), Beau Nilsson, Kiefo Nilsson, Oscar Nilsson, Ben Nilsson, Jonathan Palmer (BMG)
Front row (L to R) – Celeigh Chapman and Bryan Chabrow (BMG), Olivia Nilsson, Una Nilsson, Annie Nilsson


When Sony merged with Bertelsmann in 2004, the rights management part of BMG was spun off into its own company, BMG Rights Management, representing about 200 artists at the time.


Harry Nilsson News (2022-08-20)

Brandon Cruz Turns to Fans to Honor Bill Bixby

For several years now, Brandon Cruz, who starred with Bill Bixby in the TV series "The Courtship of Eddie's Father," has been campaigning to have a star for Bixby added to the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


While Bixby had some memorable roles in film, it was on television that he shined. For those of us who grew up watching Bill Bixby "My Favorite Martian," "The Courtship of Eddie's Father," "The Magician," and "The Incredible Hulk" it is surprising to learn that there isn't already a star honoring him in Hollywood. It even came as a surprise to Brandon Cruz.


I was with some friends, and they asked me, "Where’s Bill?” I said, "I don’t know." We went to one of those kooky stores on the Boulevard that gives you a map of where the stars were. He wasn’t on it. How did Bill not have a star?”

-- Brandon Cruz (2019) [1]


More time went on and about two and a half years ago, almost three, I realized that GoFundMe existed. And that people were getting a lot of money raised really quickly to do different things. I thought, "You know what? I’m going to do a memorial for Bill, and I want the fans to do it. I don’t want to involve Hollywood." I felt let down by Hollywood.

-- Brandon Cruz (2019) [2]


Updated March 30, 2023: The Go Fund Me effort has now raised enough cash to get a star for Bill Bixby and the process has begun to have a star approved and installed has begun. To follow the progress, please visit:


"The Courtship of Eddie's Father"

Harry Nilsson News (2022-08-09)

The Nilsson Show - A Tribute to the Songs of Harry Nilsson at the Colony in Woodstock, NY (September 22, 2022)

On September 22, 2022, Eric Squindo Presents will present The Nilsson Show - A Tribute to the songs of Harry Nilsson at the Colony performing arts theater in Woodstock, New York.


Since 2019, Eric Squindo Presents has been producing a unique brand of tribute shows for the Colony stage. Paying homage to influential writers such as Tom Waits and Dolly Parton, to the songs of The Muppets and 'The Basement Tapes' (Bob Dylan & The Band), the events have brought together some of the Hudson Valley's finest musicians to deliver their own stylized interpretations. Collaboration between musicians, and an intimate 'at home' atmosphere offer a one-of-a-kind experience that these events have been celebrated for.[1]



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Featured Article of the Day

Harry Nilsson at Beatlefest

From 1982 to 1992 Harry Nilsson attended most of the Beatlefest conventions, selling kisses to raise money for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and sometimes joining the band on-stage.


Harry Nilsson was in the room when Mark Lapidos pitched the idea of a Beatles fan convention to John Lennon.

Welcome to the Harry Nilsson Web Pages

This site is dedicated to the music and memory of Harry Nilsson. From the late 1960s through the early '90s, Nilsson produced music that both challenged norms and celebrated the past - often within the same song.
On first listen, his early Pandemonium Shadow Show is just an appealing collection of bouncy pop songs, a product of the time when it was released. But, on closer listen songs like "1941" and "Without Her" feature poignant and wistful lyrics on top of their upbeat, pop melodies. To the listener in the late 1960s, the melodies and songs, such as “Freckles” sometimes invoked what would have seemed a nostalgic air, but they still sound fresh more than fifty years later.
Nilsson remained unconventional throughout his career. He never toured to support an album and he made few TV appearances. He released an album of songs which were all written by another songwriter. He recorded an album of standards in front of an orchestra. He followed up his best selling album and song with an album featuring a song pretty much guaranteed to surprise, if not offend, his new fans.
Harry ventured into movies and TV, creating a classic animated story (“The Point!”) and writing the music and songs for the once-panned, but now cult favorite, film Popeye starring Robin Williams.
In the last years of his life, after his friend John Lennon was shot and killed, Harry stepped back from music and, ironically perhaps, more into the public eye as the spokesperson for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence advocating for sensible gun laws in America.
A heart attack took Harry’s life in early 1994. Yet, his memory lives on in the hearts and minds of his friends, family, and fans. And his music lives on with Sony releasing a comprehensive collection of his works on CD and his music being featured prominently in TV and movies.