In 1984, while on a trip to Australia to promote the Every Man Has a Woman album, Harry Nilsson bought land in the Hunter Valley area north of Sydney in New South Wales.


Harry had lovely ideas. In this case, his idea was we’ll buy this land in Australia, and it’ll be good for the children. We would never use it, but it would grow in value, just in the way that Bob Hope and all these people bought ranches around Los Angeles and then ended up doing well by them. So that was Harry’s long-term idea. He had this idea of Australia as the next frontier.

-- Una Nilsson[1]


In 1989, Nilsson travelled to Australia to record his performance of "Ulysses" in the Paris rock musical by Jon English and David Mackay,[2]


The land Nilsson had purchased in Australia was sold in 1991 to provide cash to help himself and his family while most of their assets were tied up during the bankruptcy proceedings.