All songs on Nilsson Sings Newman are by Randy Newman. Nilsson Sings Newman did not make it into the Billboard album chart but was awarded "Record of the Year" by Stereo Review.

The car in the painting on the front cover is a 1938 Graham.

Nilsson Sings Newman was the first album recorded using two-track Dolby at RCA.

"Randy was tired of the album when we were finishing making it, because for him it was just doing piano and voice, piano and voice, over and over and over. But I needed that practice because I needed to learn the songs inside and out the way that he knew them, but do it my way so that it (stylistically) matched both of us. Once I got the take down, I knew what I was going to do with it later. He didn't." -- Harry Nilsson

"I liked everything Harry did of mine. I was honored that he did it. Harry had a tremendous voice, he could do anything. He was a great record maker. We were very close at one time and did drift apart. I don't really know why." -- Randy Newman