Title Summary
Nilsson Sings Newman {Pickwick LP Reissue} [1980] album This budget-priced reissue does not include the song "The Beehive State " from the original album.   Leaving off a song or two from the original album was a common practice on Pickwick's budget-priced LPs.
Rock N Roll [1969] album Pickwick's budget re-issue of the Spotlight on Nilsson album is missing the song "The Path That Leads to Trouble ."
Nilsson Sings Newman {8-track} album All songs on Nilsson Sings Newman are by Randy Newman . Nilsson Sings Newman did not make it into the Billboard album chart but was awarded "Record of the Year " by Stereo Review . The car in the painting on the front cover is a 1938 ...
Aerial Ballet {Pickwick LP Reissue} [1980] album This budget re-issue of Aerial Ballet doesn't include "Bath " or the reprise of "Little Cowboy ."