Telly Savalas


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The Kojacks person The Kojacks perform dressed in bald wigs, jaunty hats, sunglasses, and leisure suits resembling the attire of the television detective. They belt out tunes a la Telly Savalas with a touch of Frank Sinatra thrown in for good measure.   The Kojacks recorded an entire CD of tunes written ...
Kojak videocam Harry Nilsson wrote and recorded a song called "Kojak Columbo " - basically a love song about TV.   "Kojak" was a TV series which aired from October 24, 1973, to April, 1978, on the CBS television network. The series starred Telly Savalas as a police detective.
Without Her (performed by Telly Savalas) music_note Telly Savalas recorded Harry Nilsson's Without Her for his 1974 MCA album Telly .
Kojak Columbo music_note "Television's here to save us," Harry Nilsson sings (with tongue firmly in cheek) in Kojak Columbo . "Kojak " was a police drama which aired on CBS from October, 1973, to April, 1978. Telly Savalas , former casting assistant and news director, starred as "Lt. Theo Kojak." "Columbo " ...