Michael Nesmith


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Auntie's Municipal Court music_note Recorded January 6, 15, 16, 1968.
One Last Touch of Nilsson article This article is from Goldmine Magazine (Vol. 20 No. 9 Issue 359 dated April 29, 1994). Bruce Ansley contacted Krause Publications Group, Inc. and Dawn Eden and they were kind enough to grant him permission to place the article online. Once he had ...
Monkees person Harry Nilsson wrote "Cuddly Toy " and "Daddy's Song " for The Monkees and appears as an instrumentalist or singing backing vocals on a few of their songs.   Harry impressed most of the group when he auditioned several of his songs for them:   So I sang seven, eight or nine songs, ...
Rainmaker (performed by Michael Nesmith) music_note Michael Nesmith's version of Rainmaker is on his Listen to the Band album.
Rainmaker {Single Version} music_note Single version.
The Door Into Summer music_note Recorded: May 29, 1967 and August 23, 1967 Chip Douglas has stated that the Monkees's The Door Into Summer was actually written solely by Bill Martin .
Mickey Dolenz Releases 'Dolenz Sings Nesmith' announcement 2021-05-21 - Mickey Dolenz has released his first new studio album in almost a decade. Titled Dolenz Sings Nesmith , the new album consists of covers of songs written by his former Monkees band-mate, Mike Nesmith . The recordings were produced by Mike's ...