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This Could Be the Night (performed by Modern Folk Quartet) ... we recorded this song, and Brian Wilson came down when it was finished. He'd sit in the control booth wearing pajamas, robe, and slippers, listening to the song over and over and over again. We didn't talk much, but we loved having him there, cuz we loved the Beach Boys . -- Henry Diltz [1]   ...
One Last Touch of Nilsson ... favorite of the [Beach Boys]]'s Brian Wilson , who has reportedly made attempts at recording it over the years. ("This Could Be the Night" has the rare distinction of being in Wilson's permanent memory. In March of this year, during his appearance at New York's Algonquin Hotel , he was ...
This Could Be the Night ... favorite of the Beach Boys's Brian Wilson who recorded it for the For The Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson album.   During the Papa's Got a Brown New Robe sessions Harry recorded a version of the song with two additional verses.  
Algonquin Hotel ... at the Algonquin Hotel, Brian Wilson had a problem remembering his own songs, but reacted enthusiastically to a request to perform Harry Nilsson's "This Could Be The Night ."[1] [1] Citation Needed
This Could Be the Night (performed by Brian Wilson) "This Could Be The Night" by Brian Wilson  
Stephen Kalinich ... who has co-written songs with Brian Wilson and Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys .   Kalinich told Paul McCartney of Zak Nilsson's illness which resulted in McCartney sending an encouraging letter to Zak . [1] [1] Terry Paul Roland (2021-06) "A Father’s Day Story: The Courtship of Harry ...
Jim Keltner ... George Harrison , Ry Cooder , Brian Wilson , Fiona Apple , Arlo Guthrie , Mick Jagger , Boz Scaggs , Linda Ronstadt , Ringo Starr , the Indigo Girls , B.B. King , Jackson Browne , Rickie Lee Jones , Eric Clapton , Neil Diamond , the Bee Gees , Elvis Costello , Rita Coolidge , Harry Chapin , and ...
Henry Diltz ... singing. Apparently, it's one of Brian Wilson's favorite songs, mostly because it's a Spector thing. Actually, Harry Nilsson wrote it, but Phil Spector produced it and recorded us singing it. -- Henry Diltz [1]   [1] Source: Rhino Records Interview
Harry Nilsson Documentary in Production ... Williams , Robin Williams , and Brian Wilson .   According to LSL, the film will be:   ... jam-packed with musical clips from his infrequent, but truly magical appearances on television and in film, many of which have never been seen in the U.S. and some of which have never been seen ...


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