Diane Nilsson was Harry Nilsson's second wife.


Diane Clatworthy was born on June 20, 1947 in Los Angeles, California, to Allen Sinclair Clatworthy and Leola Maxine Snow.


Bob Segarini introduced Diane to Harry in 1967. Diane was the secretary of the fan club for Bob's band Family Tree.[1]


When will we be married? Probably around the first of the year. There are so many commitments before then. Of course, there will always be commitments so unless we make a commitment not to be committed and then commit to each other, we'll never be committed.

-- Harry Nilsson (1969)[2]


Diane married Harry on December 31, 1969, in Las Vegas, Nevada.[3]


Harry and Diane had one son, Zak Nilsson.


Harry and Diane's divorce became final on June 23, 1976.


Diane died on October 24, 2009, in New Ipswich, New Hampshire.