In the early 1970s, Nilsson rented a penthouse apartment at the Fountainview West Apartments which he moved into after separating from Diane Nilsson.


The complex is now known as the Westview Towers Condominiums.


In late 1973, Nilsson lent the apartment to Bobby Keys.


Once my legal difficulties in New York were over, I left Massachusetts with my wife at the time and my son and went to L.A. We ended up in Harry Nilsson’s apartment. I didn’t get there in very good financial condition, so Harry let me have an apartment that he had leased but was no longer staying in.
My next-door neighbor there was the guy from the TV show Highway Patrol. I stayed there for several months just trying to figure out what was goin’ on. I don’t know how the hell I was living. I guess I was doing some work. I had to be. That whole period is difficult to recall. It’s like trying to pick up Jell-O -- I can see it and it’s there but I can’t quite hold it.

-- Bobby Keys (2012) [1]