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Notes on Nilsson: The Life of a Singer-Songwriter by Alyn Shipton ... of a Record Producer " [8] Facebook , Zak Nilsson (2015-01-20) ( https:/ / www. facebook. com/ groups/ HarryNilsson/ posts/ 10155208080540595 ) [9] HCI was certainly larger at the national level. But, if you count the local organizations affiliated with the National Coalition to Ban Handguns, ...
Letter to Zak Nilsson from Paul McCartney ... Nilsson posted the following to Facebook [1]   I got this letter from Paul McCartney the other day. He heard I had cancer and sent me this note. I was very touched that Harry’s friendship meant this much to Paul.   2 February 2019   Dear Zak,   Paul McCartney here. Steven Kalinich wrote ...
John Babcock ... [1]     [1] "Reply to a Facebook Post by Elliot Mintz " (2021-06-15) ( https:/ / www. facebook. com/ elliotmintz/ posts/ 10158645821774794 ) External Links Official Web Site Interview with John Babcock in which he talks about Harry

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