Born in Nyack, New York, musician John Babcock became friends with Harry Nilsson when Harry's family moved to Nyack in the mid-1980s.


While he and Una and the kids lived in Nyack in NY in the mid ‘80s my brother and I got to know him pretty well. He generously helped me in my recording career by hooking me up with a few of his industry friends in England. My brother even recorded a little tune with Harry and his pal Drew for Harry’s son for his tenth birthday. In 1986 I had a record released called “Singer Without A Song” and gave a cassette of it to Harry. [...] He genuinely liked my song. One night out having drinks together at a local bar in Nyack, he insisted for me to sing the chorus of the tune so he could sing along with me the harmony part. Talk about an honor! Great guy, and I will always appreciate his interest and support in what I was doing musically.

-- John Babcock[1]



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