"The Flying Saucer Song" by Harry Nilsson


Many people think they recognize one of the main voices in Harry Nilsson's "The Flying Saucer Song" as Joe Cocker. But, the main voices are all Nilsson using three distinct voice inflections. The gruff background vocals, however, are provided by Joe Cocker, whose coarse delivery is similar to Nilsson's.


"I don't think there's that much of a similarity," says Harry, "It's just that we both can occasionally muster up a brandy tone. We're whiskey-throated tenors. The Orson Welles type of guy from Citizen Kane."[1].


"The Flying Saucer Song" was written for, and originally recorded, during the Pussy Cats sessions but wasn't released until Sandman.


Raunchy "Flying Saucer Song" wherein two drunks discuss a weird light in a field at night is one of nuttiest compositions of all time. It's a short-short story set to music. Sample dialogue: "How's, your old lady?" "Oh! she's fine. Little hemorrhoidal problem now and then. ..." This one is pretty raw in spots but unless the economy has set your jaws in concrete it should produce a chuckle or two.[2]