Orson Welles


Title Summary
The Flying Saucer Song ... whiskey-throated tenors. The Orson Welles type of guy from Citizen Kane ."[1] .   "The Flying Saucer Song " was written for, and originally recorded, during the Pussy Cats sessions but wasn't released until Sandman .   Raunchy "Flying Saucer Song" wherein two drunks discuss a weird light in a ...
One Last Touch of Nilsson ... death, he cannot help but be Orson Welles's Citizen Kane . It seems as though everyone who had contact with Nilsson, however fleeting, has a story to tell, and each story only adds to his mystery. Considered one of rock's most literate songwriters, Nilsson had only a ninth-grade education and ...
Citizen Kane ... said, "There’s a scene in Orson Welles' Citizen Kane where the lady’s singing on stage." She was supposed to be an opera singer. "And there's a slow pan up from the singing up into the rafters. And there are two scene men standing on the gantry, and one holds his nose. If only we could get ...

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