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Title Summary
Me And My Arrow music_note "Me and My Arrow " is featured in Harry Nilsson's musical adventure The Point! .   It was also used as the music for a series of car commercials in the 1970s.   ...
Baby, I'm Yours music_note Harry Nilsson recorded "Baby, I'm Yours" as a medley with "Just One Look " for his 1976 album ...That's The Way It Is .   "Just One Look"/"Baby, I'm Yours" by Harry ...
Think About Your Troubles music_note Harry Nilsson conceived the story of The Point! while writing "Think About Your Troubles ."   According to Allen Zentz , Harry said that songs often came to him as visions - as if they were movies or cartoons.   Peggy Lee and Sam Brown ...
The World Is Coming To An End music_note In 1974, Harry Nilsson and Ringo Starr decided to make a "multimedia film" called Harry and Ringo's Night Out . The formed a partnership with Michael Viner , head of Pride Records , to finance the film. At the same time, Nilsson shared the ...
Remember (Christmas) music_note If you listen closely you can hear the jingle of sleigh bells in Harry Nilsson's "Remember (Christmas) ".
Home music_note "Home" by Harry Nilsson  
The Flying Saucer Song music_note Many people think they recognize one of the main voices in Harry Nilsson's "The Flying Saucer Song " as Joe Cocker . But, the main voices are all Nilsson using three distinct voice inflections. The gruff background vocals, however, are provided by ...
Jump Into the Fire {Single Version} music_note
All My Life {Quadraphonic Mix} music_note Quadraphonic mix.
Old Forgotten Soldier {Quadraphonic Mix} music_note
Mucho Mungo-Mt. Elga {Quadraphonic Mix} music_note
Turn Out The Lights {Demo} music_note A bonus track from Buddha's release of Pussy Cats , this is Harry Nilsson's stripped down demo of a song which finally appeared on the DUIT ON MON DEI album. Far from the exuberant, steel-drum-laden version, the demo is more of a quirky lullaby. ...
Jesus Christ You're Tall {Quadraphonic Mix} music_note
Coconut {Quadraphonic Mix} music_note
Jump Into the Fire {Quadraphonic Mix} music_note
Old Forgotten Soldier {Demo} music_note
The Moonbeam Song {Demo} music_note
The Moonbeam Song {Quadraphonic Mix} music_note
You're Breaking My Heart music_note Recorded April/May 1972.
Turn Out The Lights music_note
What's Your Sign music_note
Puget Sound music_note
Salmon Falls music_note
P.O.V. Waltz music_note
It's A Jungle Out There music_note
Late Last Night music_note
Good For God music_note
I Want You To Sit On My Face music_note
Down By the Sea music_note
The End (Moonbeam) music_note
Everything's Got 'Em music_note
All My Life music_note
Ambush music_note
Are You Sleeping? music_note
Turn On Your Radio music_note
The Moonbeam Song music_note
Spaceman music_note
Mucho Mungo-Mt. Elga music_note