Personal Best - The Harry Nilsson Anthology is a collection of Harry's best. Produced with the help of Nilsson and his wife Una Nilsson, the album contains 21 tracks spread across two CDs. Included is a nice booklet with a biography and photographs.


"A surprising two-discs' worth of catchy, witty songcraft." -- Rolling Stone


"A vastly needed 2 CD collection of the late songwriter's finest work. 'Personal Best' is the best reissue of all time, except for a few other things." -- Bamm


"This collection serves as a better memorial [than For The Love of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson]. It lets Nilsson's work speak for itself." -- People


"A" -- Entertainment Weekly


"A collection that captures Nilsson's wit, humor and mercurial brilliance as songwriter and performer." -- Billboard


"'Personal Best' touches all the bases and with its comprehensive 48 tracks, crisp, digitally remastered sound and extensive liner notes, it far outclasses RCA's earlier All Time Greatest Hits compilation." -- Bob Coyne, Asbury Park Press