Back in 1998, I wrote a letter to Ray Bradbury asking about Harry Nilsson's desire to name his first RCA album "Something Wicked This Way Comes." I was a little surprised and greatly pleased to receive the following response.

-- Roger Smith

Dear Roger,


Thanks for your good letter. I was a huge fan of Harry's. When I was in Paris six years ago, a friend of mine, late one night, played A LITTLE SMIELSON IN THE NIGHT and I went bonkers all over again. I've had tapes and LPs of it for years. When I got back to my hotel at midnight, I tracked Harry down across the world, first L.A. and then Australia where he was working on a project.[1] By a miracle, I got him and he was stunned to have me one the phone. Why? he asked. Because, I said, I've just heard for the thirtieth time your SHMIELSON LP and want to tell you all over again how much I love you and the LP. If you ever line up a TV release of your TV Tape session for that record with you and Gordan Jenkins, call me and I'll do a thirty-second introduction to lead-off and then get the hell out of the way! Well, this TV thing never came off, of course, and I never got the chance to blow my horn for Harry. I regretted his death and remembered him being on the ELIZABETH TWO with me and Maggie, and him sipping from a gin flask waiting for customs. I wonder if he every truly knew himself! Ah, well. Maybe some year I'll still have a chance to introduce that SMIELSON TV Tape. Yes, I remember getting the PANDEMONIUM SHADOW SHOW LP twenty-odd years ago!


Again, thanks and best.

November 2, 1998


Ray B.


P.S. Can you send me a copy of the "Wicked" CD, please? Thanks. R.