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One Last Touch of Nilsson ... It seems as though everyone who had contact with Nilsson, however fleeting, has a story to tell, and each story only adds to his mystery. Considered one of rock's most literate songwriters, Nilsson had only a ninth-grade education and denied that he was any great reader. A man whose supposed ...
Tipple caused his milk float to topple ... to topple" is about a milkman who crashed his truck into a lamppost after drinking brandy on the job. The article concludes with a discussion of John Lennon and Harry Nilsson's Brandy Alexander addiction.   MIXING brandy and dairy products is not unique to former milk float driver Dennis Burke ...
Meet the Beatles ... Again! ... photos of the Rolling Stones , Who , David Bowie , REM , Kiss , Beach Boys , Lenny Kravitz , Kinks , Harry Nilsson , Yoko Ono , George Martin , Cheap Trick , and many others. 154 pages.
The New Harry Nilsson Web Pages - A Little Touch of Schmilsson on the Net ... with an email address and a whopping five megabytes of space on a web server.   I set about to create my first personal web page. I wrote a few words about myself then started a list by writing "And I enjoy listening to the music of the Beatles , the Who , Harry NIlsson, ....."   Since this ...

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