A December 2, 2002, article in the News Shopper newspaper in England titled "Tipple caused his milk float to topple" is about a milkman who crashed his truck into a lamppost after drinking brandy on the job. The article concludes with a discussion of John Lennon and Harry Nilsson's Brandy Alexander addiction.


MIXING brandy and dairy products is not unique to former milk float driver Dennis Burke.
A mixture of brandy and either milk or cream, or a blend of the two, is known as Brandy Alexander and was a popular cult drink in the 1970s much used by popstars like former Beatle John Lennon, American folk-rock singer Harry Nilsson and former Who bass guitarist John Entwistle.
Nilsson and Lennon spent a year-long "lost weekend" drinking various concoctions based on Brandy Alexander during one of Lennon's splits from Yoko Ono.