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The Point! to Robert Holmes in 13 Steps

  1. The Point! includes violin played by Tibor Zelig
  2. Tibor Zelig played violin for ...That's the Way It Is
  3. ...That's the Way It Is includes guitar played by Jesse Ed Davis
  4. Jesse Ed Davis played guitar for Old Dirt Road
  5. Old Dirt Road features piano played by John Lennon
  6. John Lennon wrote She's Leaving Home
  7. She's Leaving Home was arranged by George Tipton
  8. George Tipton arranged River Deep-Mountain High
  9. River Deep-Mountain High was produced by Rick Jarrard
  10. Rick Jarrard produced One
  11. One was recorded by Aimee Mann
  12. Aimee Mann was a member of 'Til Tuesday
  13. 'Til Tuesday members included Robert Holmes