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Skidoo ... appeared with Skidoo's director, Otto Preminger , in an episode of Hugh Hefner's TV program "Playboy After Dark ." One of the songs Harry performed on the show was "Cast and Crew ."         [1] The Tennessean ( Nashville, Tennessee ), Kathy Sawyer (1969-01-10) "Hail Hail: Skidoo Launches a ...
One Last Touch of Nilsson ... on the soundtrack to the Otto Preminger movie Skidoo . Released at the end of 1968, the film was a bizarre attempt at psychedelic extravagance, with an all-star cast that was mostly well-over 30: Jackie Gleason , Carol Channing , Groucho Marx (in his last screen appearance), Burgess Meredith , ...
Daddy's Song ... when the film’s director, Otto Preminger , asked that the younger Harry and the film’s stars all arrive in Miami at the same time. So Harry and Lois drove down to Miami and stayed the night with a relative. The next morning, they arrived at the Ambassador Hotel to meet Harry where ...
Rosebud ... is a 1975 film directed by Otto Preminger from a screenplay by Erik Preminger .   In one scene, Kim Cattrall , as "Joyce," an American taken hostage by a terrorist group, does sit-ups and sings Harry Nilsson’s "I Guess the Lord Must Be in New York City " in an attempt to keep her body and ...
Skidoo {Stereophonic LP} [1968] Skidoo , an Otto Preminger film, featured stars such as Jackie Gleason , Carol Channing , Groucho Marx , and Burgess Meredith . Harry Nilsson wrote the entire score, made a cameo appearance as a prison tower guard, and sang the credits.

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