On November 21, 1973, Richard Creamer took this famous photo of John Lennon, Anne Murray, Harry Nilsson, Alice Cooper, Kieth Moon, and Mickey Dolenz at the Troubadour. It is a part of the Michael Ochs Archives.[1]


In 1973, in an attempt to subvert her squeaky-clean image, Murray hired Shep Gordon as her manager.


What I was looking for from Shep was to create a buzz in the business, and everybody who was anybody came on The Midnight Special.

-- Anne Murray[2]


It was at a time when hip meant everything, and the last thing The Midnight Special wanted was a straight laced singer from Canada. So I booked her at the Troubadour, and this is all cool, but nobody’s gonna give a shit.

-- Shep Gordon[3]


Gordon visited the loft at the Rainbow Bar and Grill where Alice Cooper and his drinking buddies, who called themselves the "Hollywood Vampires," met in Los Angeles.


I went to the Rainbow Room that night and I literally got down on my hands and knees, I said “Guys, you gotta help me. I’m representing this girl Anne Murray, I booked her at the Troubadour and if I could get you guys up there for a picture with her, I’ll do anything for you.”

-- Shep Gordon[4]


That picture has had more mileage than any other picture that I have ever had taken of me in my career. Rolling Stone wanted to interview me, and I was the “it girl” for just a few weeks.

-- Anne Murray[5]


They look like a bunch of reprobates. And there I am, Miss Innocence, right in the middle of these guys who were totally all three sheets to the wind.

-- Anne Murray[6]


At the time the famous photo was taken, Murray invited Nilsson ("My favorite male vocalist of all time. No contest.") to a recording session. "I wanted to meet him and he didn't even know where he was. He was so out of it. I was so disappointed." Later, in 1993, Murray "tried to get him to tape something for the Junos when I was inducted into the Hall of Fame, and he didn't even know who I was - or who he was, I don't think."[7]