Libby and I returned from Harryfest so much happier for the amazing experience. We came home knowing that we shared something with the group that was very special. 
I suppose what impressed me so much about everyone at Harryfest, and at the concert, was that there was honesty about Harry. Sure, we all come together with a deep love and respect for the man and his music, what that music has brought into our lives and how we continue to share it with others. But, there was honesty in realizing that Harry was more than brilliant, humorous and truly intelligent. He was very self-destructive, a lesson we all seem to have learned. It's, I think, a fitting tribute to Harry that while we revere him as we should for his attributes, we also veer away from him in his self-destruction.
HarryFest was a blast! From the videos and the dinner to the wonderful concert, but mostly from the new friends we have. Thank you and Curtis and Sue and everyone for making it happen. It was an affair to "Remember."
And a special "hello" to Rinus deMan whose e-mail convinced me to "just go."

-- Joel Field (Concord, California)


Harryfest 1998